Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ Wal-Mart Exclusive Black Panther Figure Hits eBay


Hasbro’s upcoming Marvel Legends 6″ Wal-Mart Exclusive Black Panther figure is available now on eBay. The figure is part of Hasbro’s 2017 Marvel Legends line that will be coming out in the near future as previously announced last year.

Below, you will find some in-hand images of the figure along with carded images found around the internet as well as the eBay listing.

There are additional listings for Black Panther on eBay as well. We will update once we have more information about the figure and we’ll also be sharing lots more Marvel Legends news as it happens. The Walgreens Exclusive Invisible Woman figure is also expected for release soon, but we cannot find her on eBay at this moment (there should be listings going up soon).