Hasbro Transformers Generation One Vintage Toys New Listings On Kokomo Toys eBay Store


A reputable eBay seller and brick & mortar storefront called Kokomo Toys, located in Indianapolis has listed a massive update. Right now, Transformers fans can check out the Transformers section of their store with new listings of vintage Generation One, Alternators, Movie, third-party and several different animated toylines over the years. The listings start at a $10 bid on most items, including vintage G1 toys.


The G1 toys are some of the best deals right now, which includes Trypticon, Galvatron, Hot RodSharkticon GnawHeadmasters WeirdwolfPretender Skullgrin, Grimlock Sludge and Snarl set, and much much more that can be found on HERE. The auctions end Tuesday March 27th starting 1 PM EST. It is recommended that you bookmark the auctions that you want to keep track of, and as always, we greatly appreciate it if you purchase these figures off of the hyperlinks provided.