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Super 7 Toy News Transformers

Super7 Transformers Ultimates Wave 2 – Megatron, Grimlock, Bludgeon & Tracks Figure Pre-Orders

  Super7 announced and revealed their Transformers Ultimates Wave 2 – Megatron, Grimlock, Bludgeon & Tracks Figures that are coming. These are non-transformable figures, and are inspired from the classic

Super 7 Toy News Transformers

Super7 – Transformers Ultimates Wave 1 Figure Pre-Orders

  Super7 released solicitations and pre-orders of their upcoming Transformers Ultimates Wave 1 Figures are available now. These are non-transformable, stylized figures with a few points of articulation, which appears

Statues Toy News Transformers

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles – Transformers G1 Optimus Prime Statue Pre-Orders

  Sideshow Collectibles are accepting pre-orders of the upcoming Transformers G1 Optimus Prime Statue by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. Optimus Prime is based on the classic 1984 animated series and

Marvel Marvel Legends Toy News Transformers

Wal-Mart Pre-Black Friday 2019 Savings On Top Toys

  Wal-Mart sent along a press release announcing some new pre-Black Friday savings on some of this years hottest toys. In addition to these deals, some of the formally hard

Toy News Toy Sightings Transformers

Transformers Masterpiece MP-47 Hound Figure

  Takara-Tomy and Hasbro are offering a new Transformers Masterpiece figure with the long awaited release of Hound, an original Generation One character of the 1980’s. The figure comes with some

Toy News Transformers

Takara-Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-20+ Wheeljack (Cartoon Accurate Version)

  Takara-Tomy is offering a Transformers Generation One cartoon accurate paint deco in their Transformers Masterpiece Wheeljack figure. Wheeljack is expected to ship in February 2019 and is priced at

Statues Toy News Transformers

PCS Transformers Optimus Prime Classic Scale G1 Statue

  Pop Culture Shock announces a new Transformers Generation One Optimus Prime Classic Cartoon Statue based on the cartoon of the 1980’s. Optimus Prime is priced at $159.99 and is

Toy News Transformers

Transformers Masterpiece MP-29+ Destron Laserwave (Shockwave) With Coin Exclusive

  Takara-Tomy released official product details and images of their upcoming Masterpiece MP-29+ Destron Laserwave (Shockwave) that will include a collector coin. This edition comes with an LED light up gun

Toy News Toy Sightings Transformers

Kokomo Toys eBay Store – Hasbro Transformers Generation One

  Kokomo Toys have updated their eBay storefront with many new listings of vintage Hasbro Transformers Generation One figures. These figures are all from the 1980’s, which was the beginning

A Real America Hero G.I. Joe Toy News Transformers

Kokomo Toys eBay Store – Transformers G1 & Vintage G.I. Joe

  Kokomo Toys has been keeping their eBay store updated with new listings of Hasbro Transformers Generation One and G.I. Joe figures. The new listings include the original Generation One

Toy Reviews Transformers

Book Review – The Unofficial Guide To Vintage Transformers: 1980s Through 1990s

  The Unofficial Guide to Vintage Transformers: 1980s Through 1990s takes fans on a tour of all the Transformers toys released in a two decade period by Hasbro. This is

Toy News Transformers

Kokomo Toys eBay Store – Vintage Hasbro Transformers G1, Beast Wars & More

kokomo Toys is offering a great selection of vintage Transformers action figures by Hasbro on their eBay storefront. The new listings includes vintage Transformers Generation One, Beast Wars, Transformers Star

Toy News Transformers

Hasbro Transformers Generation One Vintage Toys Kokomo Toys eBay Store Auctions Ends Tuesday

  This is your reminder to take a look at Kokomo Toys eBay Store right now for some amazing deals going on on vintage Transformers Generation One toys by Hasbro. The listings

Toy News Transformers

Hasbro Transformers Generation One Vintage Toys New Listings On Kokomo Toys eBay Store

  A reputable eBay seller and brick & mortar storefront called Kokomo Toys, located in Indianapolis has listed a massive update. Right now, Transformers fans can check out the Transformers section

DC Universe Marvel Star Wars Statues Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Walking Dead Toy News Transformers Voltron Legendary Defender

Entertainment Earth: Free Shipping, Star Wars, TMNT, The Walking Dead, Batman & More

  Entertainment Earth sent along this weeks newsletter of their latest newly listed and pre-order items. Free Shipping is available on pre-order and in stock items of $79 or more (domestic

Toy News Transformers

Hasbro Announces New G1 Characters Coming to ‘Robots In Disguise’ Line

  Hasbro sent along a press release announcing some new Transformers Robots In Disguise figures that are inspired by the 1984 Transformers designs, and some of these character may even

Toy News Transformers

Takara-Tomy MP-36 Masterpiece Megatron 2.0 With Orange Barrel Plug

  A new version of Takara-Tomy’s Masterpiece Megatron figure is going to be offered with an orange barrel plug to show that he’s not a real handgun. The figure will

G.I. Joe Toy Reviews Transformers

Transformers Collectors’ Club Old Snake With Advanced B.A.T. Duo Review

At G.I. JoeCon 2015, Fun Publications revealed new G.I. Joe and Transformers crossover figure sets coming this year and this includes Old Snake with Advanced B.A.T. Duo, and Marissa Faireborn

Toy News

Hasbro Announces Transformers Platinum Edition G1 Reissue Trypticon, Blaster & Perceptor 2 Pack

Hasbro will be expanding their Platinum series this year with a Generation 1 reissue Trypticon figure. The figure should have chrome parts and the estimated price is $199.99 with a