NECA Toys Terminator 2: 7″ Ultimate T-800 25th Anniversary 3D Figure – Final Packaging Images

NECA Toys Terminator 2: 7″ Ultimate T-800 25th Anniversary 3D Figure – Final Packaging Images


NECA Toys have released new packaging images of their upcoming Terminator 2: 7″ Ultimate T-800 25th Anniversary 3D Release. He is based on his first encounter in the shopping mall with John Connor, when he takes the shotgun out of the box and opens figure at the T-1000 as it is in pursuit of John Connor.

This figure is available to pre-order now on Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore.

For the first time ever, as part of the film’s 25th anniversary celebration, Terminator 2 is being released in theaters in 3D!

To celebrate the historic occasion, NECA is releasing a Galleria version of the chilling T-800 with accessories that’ll let you reenact one of the film’s most iconic scenes. You know the one: the mind-blowing slow-motion sequence at the Galleria Mall when the Terminator whips out a shotgun hidden in a box of roses and saves young John from the T-1000.

The 7” scale action figure features the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger and over 25 points of articulation. It comes with two interchangeable head sculpts, pistol, and a shotgun that fits inside the included rose box. The window box packaging features the new 3D release logo and branding.

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