NECA Toys 30th Anniversary Jungle Demon Predator Figure Review


NECA Toys Jungle Demon Predator is released through Lootcrate three months before anyone else will get it as a special offering in the March 2017 Lootcrate DX box. The figure is part of the 30th Anniversary celebration this Summer. The packaging includes a lootcrate exclusive sticker on the bottom, which will not be on the version released later on. In addition to this Predator figure, also exclusive to Lootcrate was the Glow in the Dark Reactor Godzilla figure that won’t be available anywhere else (review is coming!).

Thank you to Lootcrate for providing their March 2017 DX box, which included the NECA Toys 30th Anniversary Jungle Demon Predator Figure.

Availability: Lootrcate DX – March 2017


The Jungle Demon Predator is a repaint of the upcoming Ultimate Jungle Hunter Predator figure, and is cast in clear plastic, with a partially painted jungle deco and glowing yellow eyes. The deco on this figure is beautiful, which covers a significant portion of the translucent clear plastic in several shades of green and yellow to blend in with plants (as part of his cloaking technology). The deco is truly remarkable, as its a great interpretation from the film brought into toy form, and the glowing yellow eyes are definitely a nice touch. The paint is done perfectly with no bleeding or stress marks, and the plastic used on the figure appears to be durable, which is good as you can pose him in several different ways without worrying about it easily breaking (of course, the side of caution should always be a concern).



The Jungle Demon Predator features a shoulder mounted cannon, a computer, and a retractable blade. In addition, there are trophiesthat are around his torso, as well as wires that connect to the armor on the figure as well as the left arm. These are fragile parts as they move, so be extra careful there. This figure also introduces some additional articulation including double jointed elbows and knees that allows for some great dynamic and realistic movie poses.


Can you see me? As mentioned above, the deco is so well detailed that it makes it hard to tell that a Predator figure is hiding behind plant life, as this is one of the most detailed Predator figures ever released. This figure pays tribute to the first time that Mac saw the Predator, the alien that was killing his battalion.  The Jungle Demon figure is a great homage this this particular scene, and looks even better in person. The clear plastic and paint deco looks realistic and as always, NECA have done a terrific job here.

You can find the retail version of the figure released this Summer. Take a look at the links below if you wish to pre-order now.



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