Alien Vs. Predator – Temple Pillar Diorama Element & Ultimate Jungle Hunter Predator


NECA Toys have listed their Alien Vs. Predator – Temple Pillar Diorama Element and Predator – Ultimate #Jungle Hunter Predator on their official Amazon and eBay Storefronts.

They have also provided the following update about the Pillar – The Pillar is made from cold-cast resin, not plastic. The pointed bits running down each edge are made from a hard rubbery material that bends just a bit. Use the hyperlinks below to purchase.

Temple Pillar:

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Ultimate Jungle Hunter:

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For those of you that wish to wait, you can also order these on Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore.

Alien vs Predator Diorama Element – Pyramid Pillar

This incredibly detailed piece has been a central element of our AvP dioramas, and after an overwhelming number of requests from fans, Neca is making it available. 

The Temple Pillar measures over 14″ tall and is a faithful replica of the one seen on-screen in the movie, down to the Alien domeand Facehugger details molded into each side. 

It’s cast in resin and perfectly in scale with our line of 7″ Alien and Predator action figures.



Ultimate Jungle Hunter Predator 7″ Figure

The Ultimate Hunter has received the “Ultimate” treatment, including additional articulation in the biceps (bicep swivels), elbows (double elbow joints) and torso, plus an opening gauntlet! Comes with interchangeable heads and hands, plus skull and spine, mask, cannon blast effect, human skull, and removable backpack. Collector-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap.

 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-2 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-3 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-4 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-5 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-6 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-7 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-8 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-9 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-10 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-11 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-12 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-13 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-14 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-15 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-16 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-17 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-18 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-19 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-20 neca-toys-ultimate-jungle-hunter-predator-7-inch-figure-21