Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates Wave 72 Packing Images


Diamond Select Toys released official packaging of their upcoming Marvel Minimates Wave 72 – Wolverine Comic History. There will be assortments available at both comic shops as well as Toy “R” Us stores, with exclusives to each.

Pre-Orders are available now at Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore. This wave will ship in May 2017.

Wolverine is the best he is at what he does, and his enemies aren’t bad at it, either! This all-new assortment of Marvel Minimates is based on the rich comic book history of Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine, and features four different two-packs: Weapon X Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike, the first-ever Minimates of Mojo and Spiral, Ninja Attack Wolverine vs. a Hand Ninja, and the Silver Samurai vs. a Hand Ninja! Each 2-inch mini-figure features up to 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts, including removable helmets, armor and weapons! Each 2-pack comes packaged in a full-color window box.

diamond-select-toys-marvel-minimates-wave-72-wolverine-comic-history-3 diamond-select-toys-marvel-minimates-wave-72-wolverine-comic-history diamond-select-toys-marvel-minimates-wave-72-wolverine-comic-history-2