NECA Toys Terminator 2: Ultimate T-800 3D 7″ Figure Review


NECA Toys new Terminator 2 Ultimate T-800 3D figure is based on the classic 1991 film with his first encounter in the shopping mall with John Connor, when he takes the shotgun out of the box and opens figure at the T-1000 as it is in pursuit of John Connor.

This T-800 unit was sent back in time by older John Connor to protect his younger self from an assassination attempt by a new type of Terminator with liquid metal called the T-1000. The two battled it out in the film and ultimately ended with the destruction of both Terminators, as the T-800 sacrificed himself in an attempt to ensure that Skynet never existed. Obviously, it failed and Judgement Day is destined to happen.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing Terminator 2: Ultimate T-800 3D 7″ Figure for review.

Availability: April 2017


The T-800 3D figure is based on the likeness of Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and depicts the scene from his likeness as seen in Terminator 2: Judgement Day when he carries a flower box, takes out a shotgun, and opens fire on the T-1000 that is in pursuit of John Connor.


The T-800 uses the Ultimate body that was introduced to fans in 2015, and the figure looks just as incredible as he did with the last release. The figure lost some accessories such as the ammo belt and grenade launcher, but gained the flower box as the figure is based on a specific scene in the film. All of the great sculpting if there, including the bullet holes on the front and back of his leather jacket. The jacket and pants are include detailed likeness from the film, and have a light grey wash over the black deco. The zippers and buttons on the jacket are painted in silver, and the flesh tone on the figure looks really good and film accurate. His hair has a detailed texture on it, with a black wash over the brown deco. The belt is painted in green with a silver belt buckle, and the shoes has a light grey wash on the sides to give it a warn look.



The T-800 includes the flower box used in the film, and the shotgun can fit inside with there being room for the pistol as well. The shotgun and pistol are repainted from the 2015 release, and the only new accessory unique to this figure is the flower box. In addition, he includes two head sculpts, the head with the sunglasses and without. He loses the battle damaged head sculpt, which makes sense as that version of the character wasn’t seen until later on in the film.

If you are familiar with NECA’s modern Terminator figures, you will know that they carry articulation in the legs, which the earlier figures did not. The figure includes a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, ball-hinged elbows, ball jointed wrists, waist rotation, ball-hinged hips, swivel thighs, swivel-hinged knees, and ball jointed ankles.



Overall, this is an excellent figure with a great attention to detail and film likeness. Depending on how big of a Terminator fan you are, this release may or may not be for you. However, having him hold that flower box and knowing that a shotgun is inside is surely going to look great next to your other Terminator figures.


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