Hasbro Marvel Legends 4″ Doctor Strange & Astral Doctor Strange, Star-Lord & Yondu 2 Packs Review


Hasbro’s Marvel Legends 4″ figures are based on the Marvel films Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Doctor Strange . These figures are somewhat scaled down from the 6″ versions, and don’t have all of accessories that the larger versions offer. The 2 packs include Doctor Strange with Astral Doctor Strange, and Yondu with Star-Lord.

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Availability: April 2017


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just hit theaters on Friday May 5th, 2017 and what an incredible film. Both Yondu and Star-Lord are based on the new film, and are scaled down versions compared to the larger 6″ figures. Star-Lord is sculpted in his red and brown Ravagers jacket, dark brown pants, brown belt with a silver belt buckle, grey shirt, dark grey boots, and a masked head sculpt with light brown hair. The mask is non-removable, and includes dark grey, silver, gold, and red deco. The figure includes his two iconic blasters, which can be stored on the sides of his hip joints on the pegs sticking out. The articulation is what you would expect, except that he does not have any torso or wrist articulation.

Yondu is sculpted in his long red Ravagers vest with the gold badge on the upper left side, as well as gold deco on the upper right side. The vest is removable, and underneath is a red shirt, with black suspenders. Like Star-Lord, Yondu has dark brown pants with dark grey boots. Sculpted around his wait is a light brown belt with a silver belt buckle, and a holster for a  single curve bow, which unfortunately is not included. His head sculpt has a decent likeness to Actor Michael Rooker (also known as Merle Dixon to Walking Dead fans). The head and hands are painted in blue skin, and there is a dark red metal fin on top of his head that is used to control the Yaka Arrow. The articulation is also limited as he does not have torso or wrist articulation.


Doctor Strange is based on the likeness of Actor Benedict Cumberbatch from the 2016 film. The figure has two versions included in the two pack, a painted version, and a transparent version. Both of these versions are also available in 6″ scale, and these figures are nice looking smaller representations of the larger figures. The painted version of Doctor Strange includes a removable red cape with some texture on it, and is sculpted in his light and dark blue outfit. Sculpted around his waist is a grey belt, with brown straps sculpted over it, with some gold deco to better bring out the buttons and rings that holds the straps in place. The cape and skirt are made of soft plastic, which makes it easier to move his legs and left arm. There are also brown straps around his forearms, and a necklace sculpted to his torso. The necklace is painted black and brown deco, and a gold jewel with a detailed design. His head sculpt has a decent likeness to the actor, but it’s not as detailed as the 6″ figure as this is scaled down. The head sculpt includes brown hair with white deco on either side, a brown mustache and beard.

Astral Doctor Strange is a repaint of the painted figure, and does not include the cape. This figure is clear transparent plastic to represent his astro form. The only painted parts on the figure is half of the necklace, which is pained in white on the bottom part, and white eyes. The articulation is limited, but he does have a swivel waist, but does not include wrist articulation.

Overall, the 2 packs are nice additions to the 4″ line, and have nice likenesses to the film. The only downside here is the lack of accessories for Yondu and Doctor Strange. The 6″ release of Yondu has the Yaka Arrow, and Doctor Strange includes a shield. These 4″ figures are given less than the should have, and the missing accessories should have been added. The biggest disappoint is the missing Yaka Arrow, as there is a holster on Yondu’s belt for it. At leas the shield for Doctor Strange isn’t as big of a deal, but it certainly would have been ideal. The question we have for Hasbro is if Star Wars The Vintage Collection figures can come with an accessory for almost all of the releases, then what about the 4″ Marvel Legends figures?