NECA Toys Alien Vs. Predator – Diarama Element Temple Pillar Replica Review


NECA Toys released the first diorama piece planned in their Aliens Vs. Predator movie line. The pillar was the most requested piece by their fans and collectors, and is a replica of the pillar as seen in the film. The Temple Pillar stands at over 14″ tall and has incredible likeness and attention to detail. Look for this piece in stores now, as well as all the buying options under purchase.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Alien Vs. Predator – Diarama Element Temple Pillar Replica for review.

Availability: May 2017


The Temple Pillar is based on its appearance in the 2004 Alien Vs. Predator film. In the film, the pillar is part of the ancient pyramid that was used a hunting ground for the Yautja, the species known to humans as Predator. The Temple Pillar stands at roughly 14-5/16″ tall and is made of cold-cast resin with soft hard rubber bits on the edges. The pillar is identical on all sides, with a facehugger sculpted on top and the top of the head of the Alien sculpted in the middle.



The facehugger and the top of the Alien head are identical on all sides, as are the sculpted details, shapes and patterns on the pillar. The facehugger is sculpted over the pillar’s designs, and has a detailed likeness with sculpted detail and texture. The top of the Aliens head is smooth, with sculpted detail on the sides at the center.



The sculpted patterns on the pillar are remarkable, and everything here looks alien in origin. The pillar includes many different shapes, patterns and designs. The sides of the pillar have the soft hard rubber bits on the edges that we mentioned above, but also have several layers of stones on either side of the pillar, and the bits stick out right at the center of it. The bits are also bendable, and are sculpted in two different sizes.

The top of the pillar is covered in sculpted texture, and the bottom has padding, with the NECA logo.



Overall, the pillar is incredible, and makes a great piece to display with your Alien and Predator action figures that were shown in the film. One of these won’t be enough, so you are going to want at least two depending on how large your collection is and display room you have.


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