Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates Wave 72 – Wolverine Comic History Review


Diamond Select Toys is offering a brand new Wolverine themed Minimates wave that is available right now at select stores. The new 2 packs include Weapon X Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike, Mojo and Spiral, Ninja Attack Wolverine vs. a Hand Ninja, the Silver Samurai vs. a Hand Ninja, and a Toys “R” Us exclusive 2 pack of Tactical Wolverine and Marvel Now! Magneto.

The Wolverine Minimates are based on their 1990’s costumes and appearances and the wave includes two brand new characters in the Minimates line, Mojo and Spiral. Other characters such as Longshot, and other characters in this line-up have been previously released in the line. However, Minimates such as Lady Deathstrike are given new deco to give them an updated look in the line.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Marvel Minimates Wave 72 for review.

Availability: May 2017


Mojo and Spiral are available for the first-time as Minimates, and are based on their 90’s appearance. Mojo features a big bulky Minimate body that is entirely newly tooled, with the top part including the torso, head, and top of the chair  being one piece, that is placed over the Minimate block square with the arms attached to it. The bottom part are the legs of the chair, which are painted in silver as is the top part. Mojo is painted in a yellow deco, with the head sculpt having detailed lines and deco showcasing the face. There is also a helmet at, which is painted in silver, red, green and yellow. Mojo also stands on a flying figure base, and he can be lifted up off the floor. Spiral is also beautifully sculpted and designed, with six arms just as she appears in the comics. Two of the arms on the left side have silver deco, including the one in the back, which is all silver, and the wrist and hand on the upper arm. The right side has a silver bracelet on the upper arm. The body has the Minimates block, and is painted in a blue outfit, with white cuffs with sculpted texture, a brown belt with a silver belt buckle, and a silver helmet with white hair attached to it. The facial details includes lines for the eyes and eye brows, and the lips are painted in dark purple. The outfit has the detailed black line work, that came out great. Included with both figures is an acrylic figure stand.


Tactical Wolverine and Marvel Now Magneto are Toys “R” Us exclusives. Tactical Wolverine is painted in his brown and orange costume, with a green vest over it, and a blue belt with a silver belt buckle. The claws are extended and are painted in silver, and are made of a bendable plastic. The head sculpt is nicely detailed and there is a red bandana on top. He includes two different head pieces, black hair, and a mask. Marvel Now Magnet is painted in his black, grey and white outfit, with a black belt and X-Men logo as the belt buckle. The helmet and the cape are removable, and make great accessories. Included with both figures are acrylic figure stands, and Magneto also comes with a flying stand that is a bit too loose fitting on the feet.

Ninja Attach Wolverine is a new version of Wolverine in the Minimates line, and the Hand Ninja gets some new parts. Wolverine comes shirtless, with lots of detailed chest hair and line work . The pants are painted in yellow and blue, and he has a red belt with an X-Men logo painted in black. The shirt comes as a separate piece, with arrows sculpted to it from the Hand Ninjas. Also included with Wolverine is a hair piece and a mask. The Hand Ninja gets an updated sculpt with a new outfit, newly tooled hood and shoulder piece, and accessories. The outfit is painted in red and dark red, with black line work to make it resemble a robe on the torso, with a skirt piece that is newly scilpted. Included is a bow and arrow (the arrow is removable), sword, a sais, and a ninja dagger. Both figures include an acrylic figure stand.


Weapon X Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike are two personal favorites along with Mojo, Spiral, and Silver Samurai. Weapons X Wolverine is sculpted as he appeared in the Weapon X program, where he was given his adamantium bones and claws. Most of the sculpt shows him uncovered with black lines detailed the chest hairs and leg hair. What is covering him is the shorts with the silver tech attached to it, the straps around his shoulders, and the silver helmet with a red visor. There are also two black cables that are attached to the helmet, and the silver devices on his shorts. In addition, there are two wrist bands that are the same in a different shade of brown than the short and straps. The helmet is removable, but the cables are not, and the helmet is left hanging on the ground. Included is a hair piece with detailed texture and ears sculpted to the sides. Lady Deathstrike is given a brand new sculpt aside from the block torso and legs. She is painted in her gold, red, and white outfit, The newly tooled chest piece sits over the torso, and is painted in gold with lines and detailed sculpted on. The red shorts are given some texture, and hand down from the front and back. The legs are painted in with black lines over the gold deco, and the chest has some silver and black deco outlining the detail. The white shirt is painted to either side of the chest, and the arms are painted in white and a large sleeve over the wrists. The hand sculpts are nicely done and she has her long fingernails showcasing the razor-sharp power in the nails. The head sculpt is nicely detailed with line work showcasing the facial details, and she has red lipstick. The headpiece is removable, and it is painted in gold, with long red hair on either side and around the back. Both figures include an acrylic figure stand.


Silver Samurai and a Hand Ninja (same sculpt and deco included with Ninja Strike Wolverine) are also included in the line, and each comes with a beautiful sculpt and design. We’re reviewed the Hand Ninja above, which is the same as the one in this two pack. Silver Samurai is sculpted in his iconic silver outfit with red deco on the chest and helmet. The skirt and shoulder pieces are placed over the body, and has a nicely detailed design. The rest of the body has silver paint on the block pieces such as the arms, chest, and legs. The helmet is nicely tooled and is place over the head sculpt. The head itself is mostly painted in silver, except for the mouth and lower portion of the sides. The facial details are outlines by black line work, which is very nicely done. Included with Silver Samurai are two swords painted in silver, and an acrylic figure stand.

Overall this is a great wave by DST and the 90’s costumes and designs are among our personal favorites. The detail and overall likeness of the line has improved over the years, and this Wolverine wave is one of the best Marvel Minimates offerings that DST has ever produced.


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