JAKKS Pacific Big Figs DC Originals 19″ The Flash Now $22.78 On Amazon



The prices on some of the Amazon Exclusive Big Figs DC Originals by JAKKS Pacific has been coming down on some select figures. The Flash is currently down to $22.78, and both Superman and Harley Quinn are each just over $44.00. These three figures are marked down from their $59.99 price point. The sixth figure has not yet been revealed, but we do expect him to show up on Amazon at anytime before the 1st of June.

This is a limited edition figure with only several thousand made, so get your orders in quickly while it’s at this price.

Introducing DC Originals’ The Flash like you’ve never seen him before! This limited edition The Flash in the Silver Age aesthetic is meticulously crafted and features a metallic ruby deco. The Flash stands at 18-inches tall and includes seven points of articulation to showcase a variety of dynamic poses.

The Flash is the second of six exclusive figures in the Jakks BIG-FIGS DC Originals Tribute Series Collection. Order this and all of the Tribute Series figures while supplies last.

Special Premium Display Box.

The figure comes in a gorgeous, display friendly storybook window box that features some of the most iconic scenes and epic battles of the Fastest Man Alive.