Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ Spider-Man & Mary Jane 2-Pack Figures Review


Hasbro’s newly released Marvel Legends 6″ Spider-Man and Mary Jane 2-Pack is exclusively available at Toys “R” Us Stores as we previously announced at this years New York ToyFair 2017. This 2-pack wasn’t the only Toys “R” Us exclusive Marvel Legends offering this year, as Groot gets an exclusive redeco figure that we previously reviewed. The Marvel Legends 6″ offerings have been excellent so far this year, and we know that Hasbro will have more surprises for fans in just two months at San Diego Comic-Con (which we will be covering in person).

Though Mary Jane may always know Peter Parker as the boy next door, to the rest of the world, he is better known as by another name: Spider-Man.

Availability: May 2017 (June 13th Official Street Date)


Spider-Man has gotten many different releases in Marvel Legends over the years, and probably more than anyother character in the lines long 15 year history (this doesn’t include Spider-Man Classics, which began in 2000 of the 6″ highly articulated figures). The figure shares the very popular “Pizza” body from several years ago, which is the most popular Spidery sculpt right now. The figure is painted in his iconic blue and red spidey suite, with black web lines over the red part os the costume. This repaint is inspired by the Spectacular Spider-Man comic book, and has a light blue deco painted at the top part of the chest where the symbol is, as well as the eyes of the mask. What also helps the figure stand out is the unmasked head sculpt, which depicts a good likeness to Peter Parker. Included with Spider-Man are three sets of interchangeable hand sculpts (fisted, open, and web shooting), as well as a masked head. All of the articulation is the same as the pizza body release, which can give him so great dynamic poses.


Mary Jane is the highlight of this 2-pack, as she makes her 6″ comic appearance action figure debut in the Marvel Legends line, and in our opinion, gets the best action figure ever created for her since the mid-90’s by Toybiz. Besides our personal favorite appearance of her in her yellow sweater, this appearance is right up there and is also well known. The black shirt is nicely painted and the lines at the top of her chest are crisp. Although, we did see on the shelves with sloppy paint apps on the shirt, so you’re going to want to pay extra careful attention when picked one out. The jeans are nicely done, and there is a white wash over the blue on the front of the knees. The jeans are nicely detailed, with a blue belt, gold button, and the shoes are also nicely done and painted in black, with her ankles and top of the feet showing. The head sculpt is beautiful, and there are even freckles on the cheeks, which is a great extra bonus and the designers went all out on this one. The is sculpted with long red hair, which is light on top, and darker at the bottom. The head also has additional detail in paint such as green eyes, and dark red lipstick. Included is a dark red phrase, with a gold buckle on the bag and strap. The bad is nicely detailed and looks realistic.

Overall this is an excellent set, and even though you might not like the fact you will have to purchase yet another Spider-Man figure, Mary Jane makes it a great set.


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