Hasbro Star Wars 40th Anniversary Line Ends At Wave 2 – In High Demand


It’s official. Hasbro has ended their Star Wars 40th Anniversary 6″ line at wave 2, which they are now shipping the remaining inventory to stores. Once that inventory sells, that’s it. Hasbro will not be offering second runs, and from what we’ve been told, there is not going to be enough inventory to fulfill some pre-orders and meet fan demand on these.

So that does that mean? Simple. If you have not yet purchased these figures, you need to go do this right now before the secondary market completely takes over the pricing on these. If you’re lucky, you can still grab a set or case assortment from Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore. But these are selling out quickly. Singles of some of these are still available, such as  Emperor’s Royal Guard and Tusken Raider.

Other retailers such as Amazon.com (Tusken Raider is $22.99 at this link) and GameStop.com have some singles available. Demand on these is high right now, and with not enough inventory to go around, you will be find yourself paying more than you should in the very near future.