Toys “R” Us Launches 4th Of July Sale With Storewide Offers


Toys “R” Us is offering a 4th of July sale storewide with coupon code JULY15OFF, which is 15% off a regular priced item. This coupon code expires on July 4th, 2017.

Most of the website’s inventory is just older unsold stock, and there aren’t too many brand new releases for June, at least for action figures. Marvel Legends  has up to the first wave of Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as the Spider-Man/Mary Jane 2 pack.

Mattel’s DC Multiverse line has the Wonder Woman Movie figures, which are listed as a BOGO sale of 40% off. The 15% off sale could be used on Damian Wayne, which is a Toys “R” Us exclusive. 

Besides these, there aren’t too many options, especially if you are looking for new Star Wars and Transformers figures. As you know, you can forget about G.I. Joe for at least 2 years until the new movie hits, and even finding last years short lived line-up only appeared in Toys “R” Us for a limited time. If you find deals that we did not list above, make sure to share these in our comments below.