Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fierce Fishface Figure Review


Playmates Toys are offering additional repaints this year of many older Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures from the very first wave of the back from 2012, as well as somewhat newer molds in recent years. Among the new repainted figures, is Fishface, a character that was first introduced in this current series. Fishface is also given a new name of Fierce Fishface to go along with the new deco, and he was also one of the very first characters other than the Turtles to be introduced to fans (at least in his human form).

Availability: June 2017


Fishface gets an all new color scheme to go along with Playmates Toys new re-deco figures. Fishface, like many are made to be filler figures while Playmates Toys is working on the 2018 product with an all new animated series being launched by Nickelodeon. The new deco on these figures are not show accurate, but are truly something special from what we’ve seen and in some cases are an improvement over the previous release.



Fierce Fishface is given a new trademark for the new deco, as are other characters this year, and this time around he has a pink skin tone as opposed to purple, and metallic turquoise Kraang legs and oxygen tank as opposed to silver and orange. The chest plate is also repainted to gold, as poised to black, and there is Kraang tech showing between the legs, and above the chest plate. The only deco that is the same on both figures are the yellow eyes with a black eye ball as well as the black deco inside the mouth. The teeth have a different shade of beige, and the chin is painted grey as opposed to being an off white. The Finn on top of the head is a matte pink, as opposed to being glossy like the skin tone. The chest also has white deco on both figures.


All of the same texture to the skin is there and the articulation hasn’t changed. The accessories however are repainted, with Fierce Fishface have a gold sword and blade, as opposed to it being dark grey. The new deco is brighter, and stands out much more than the previous figure.


In addition to Fishface, Brutal Shredder and Savage Rahzar (reviewed HERE) are repainted into something new, and the three of them look great together. Fishface however has more deco, and brighter colors compared to both Shredder and Rahzar, and definitely has a much more appealing paint.

Overall, this is a great figure and you definitely should pick one up. That’s if you can find one at stores as these are packed out as 1 per case, and sell out fast, which is why we provided some links to help you out in obtaining this figure and others below.


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