Hasbro Star Wars SDCC 2017 Exclusive The Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn Figure Review


Grand Admiral Thrawn was announced during Star Wars Celebration this year as part of Hasbro’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. At Star Wars Celebration, Hasbro announced that both Grand Admiral Thrawn and Luke Skywalker with Landspeeder will be available to pre-order beginning August 14th. This was exceptional news for fans that were not able to obtain this figure during San Diego Comic-Con, and for those that were non-attending. Fans will be able to order him on at that time. Grand Admiral Thrawn if based on his Star Wars Rebels appearance and includes a collection of trophies that the character collected as seen on the show.

This Star Wars The Black Series pack, featuring a 6-inch-scale Grand Admiral Thrawn figure and 10 accessories inspired by the Grand Admiral’s personal collection of artifacts from across the galaxy, is designed for ultimate collectability and display. Featuring authentic, true-to-story detail across multiple points of articulation, the Star Wars The Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn figure and accessories pay tribute to the iconic, blue-skinned mastermind Grand Admiral Thrawn and his many campaigns as the most cunning of the Emperor’s fleet officers.

Availability: San Diego Comic-Con 2017 – July 19th-23rd; later this Summer.



The packaging for Grand Admiral Thrawn is designed to be a gatefold box with the figure and all of the trophies/accessories that resembles Thrawn’s office in Star Wars Rebels. The figure is displayed in an alcove, with the accessories displayed around him. The outside of the packaging has an extremely detailed and beautiful looking artwork of Thrawn, with a transparent blue plastic keeping the box shut, with the Star Wars logo and a description on it.


Grand Admiral Thrawn is one of the most popular exclusives from Hasbro this year, especially since the character made his appearance in Star Wars Rebels. As other San Diego Comic-Con releases have seen, Thrawn will see a retail release without these accessories and exclusive packaging. The accessories and packaging really makes this exclusive something special, as the packaging is also a diorama and makes a great backdrop for the 6″ Star Wars figure line-up. The exclusive accessories includes a lightsaber, a statue of two lizards, a clone trooper helmet from the 41st Elite Corps, a temple guard helmet, a carved rock on a stand, Hera’s Kalikori from Rebels Season 3, and a cup.



The accessories are all nicely sculpted and detailed, and as you can see there is something here that most fans would want. The Commander Gree helmet (431st Elite Corps) looks the same as the single packaged release that was sold at the Entertainment Earth booth this year. The helmet was shown on Rebels, but this particular helmet has an incorrect paint deco on the ridge of the top of the helmet, as it should be white. It’s also larger than the Toys “R” Us exclusive coming out (which was sold at the Entertainment Earth booth). The Temple Guard helmet is certainly one of the nicest looking accessories, that can fit over Kanan’s head very well. This accessories allows you to recreate some dynamic poses of Kanan as seen in the series. There are also two artifacts that are removable on the pillars, which include a chipped ritual stone, and a Twi’lek family heirloom from Hera Syndulla. Both of these are nicely sculpted and the detail is remarkable. The lizard statue is one of the more complex pieces, and the lizards are a reference to the old Expanded Universe comic books. In Star Wars Rebels, these lizard character did not appear because the writers did not agree with the concept of Force-negating creatures. The statue however is nicely done, and this stands on four tiny legs with excellent sculpting and deco. The last two accessories are small, which includes an unlit lightsaber, and a cup.


Grand Admiral Thrawn features a great sculpt, which is more of a realistic style over an animated one. He is sculpted in his white uniform, with a black belt, silver belt buckle and a black holster for his pistol around his waist, as well as black boots. There are also details on the uniform such as a multicolor badge, and several spots with gold deco as seen on the show. His skin tone is light blue, and the head sculpt is nicely done with a good likeness to the character. He has the left eyebrow raised, which is painted in black as is his hair. The eyes are red, with black pupils. The articulation on him is standard for The Black Series 6″ figures, and you can create some great dynamic poses.

Overall, this is one excellent box set that every Star Wars fan should own. The accessories and packaging make it worth it. If you cannot obtain one, make sure to pick up the retailer single packaged figure instead.