Hasbro SDCC 2017 Exclusive – Marvel Legends 6″ Battle For Asguard Set Review


This year at San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro offered two 6″ sets for their Marvel Legends exclusives, along with a 12″ Daredevil figure. This year was focused on Thor, which was sold at the HasbroToyShop booth, and the A-Force box set that was sold at the Entertainment Earth booth. With Thor: Ragnarok coming out soon, it makes perfect sense that the Marvel brand team at Hasbro wanted to offer fans an exclusive Thor set.  The box set includes five Thor based 6″ scale figures in a beautiful looking packaging. The box folds up into a great display piece on its own. When opened, the front reveals window boxes for each of the figures, while the back contains artwork and a poem telling the story of the Goddess of Thunder. The Mighty Thor: Battle for Asgard 5-Figure Box Set is priced at $99.99.


(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/ Available at Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)
Recreate legendary battles between the Nine Realms with the MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES BATTLE FOR ASGARD 5-PACK! This mighty set comes in premium packaging with original artwork by Tyler Jacobson, and includes 6-inch scale MALEKITH, MARVEL’S BOR, ULIK, MARVEL’S ODINSON, and THOR figures. Each figure features multiple points of articulation, premium design, and character-inspired sword and hammer accessories. Includes 5 figures and 5 accessories. The MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES BATTLE FOR ASGARD 5-PACK will be for sale at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Following the convention, a limited number will be available on

Thank you to Hasbro and their PR department for providing the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ Battle For Asguard Set for review.

Availability: July 19th-23rd – San Diego Comic-Con 2017;

Jane Foster Thor:


Ever since the female Thor made her debut in Marvel Comics a few years ago, the popularity of the character has soared. Hasbro recently offered a 4″ version of the character in a 2-pack, and now she is making her 6″ figure debut in this exclusive set. Jane Foster is sculpted in her Thor outfit with a non-removable helmet that is painted in silver and gold, with the blonde hair coming out through the back as well as the sides. Her upper torso is covered in armor, which is painted mostly in silver with a small gold symbol on the lower part of the torso. Underneath the armor is a black shirt, and the legs are cast in black. Sculpted over her hip is a brown belt and cloth that is made of soft plastic. The front part of this is brown with gold trim, and the back part is grey. The lower legs appear to be wrapped in brown bandages, with bracelets sculpted like the Thor helmet over it. The shoes are painted in silver, which match the bracelets on the legs, helmet and armor. The cape is removable, and she also includes a translucent blue Thor hammer with a brown handle. The hammer also has a silver wash on either side. Her left arm is mostly bast in black, with a silver piece of armor sculpted over it, with brown straps.



Odison is the original Thor, and like the rest of the figures in the set, he features a great sculpt. The head sculpt features blonde hair that looks to have the wind blowing the right side off to the side. The facial details are very nicely done, with the beard, and deco on the eyes nicely detailed. The chest includes hair painted on and feels smooth to the touch. The legs are cast in black, with grey stripes in two places on the lower portion of the legs. Most of the left arm is armored, with the shoulder and a portion of the bicep left in a flesh tone. The armored arm is painted in dark grey, with black deco on the wrist and piece covering the bicep. The right arm has a wrist hand painted dark grey, and the rest of the arm is flesh toned. The cape is painted in a dark and light red, with a silver buckle on the upper left shoulder. Sculpted around the waist is a rope that is non-removable and made of plastic, but nicely sculpted to look like a real rope. Included is a battle axe that is painted with a dark brown handle, and a silver blade.



Bor is Odin’s father, and this figure is one of the most detailed and well sculpted releases this year. The figure is massive, and looks just like a king of the Vikings. The head sculpt is simply beautiful, as is the rest of the body. The head is helmeted with two horns facing downward, that is painted in brown with a black wash over several spots. The armor is remarkably detailed, which is painted in brown with a dark brown wash over it. The armor resembles a roof, or a pinecone, depending on how you look at it. The chest armor has a harness sculpted over his back, with straps around his shoulders. The straps also has gold belt buckles. The kilt features a texture and is painted in dark grey, and the belt is painted in brown with detailed sculpted straps overlaying each other, and these have a gold ring keeping them in place. Underneath the kilt is a chain link armor protecting the crotch and sides of his legs. The legs are painted in dark brown, with the calves protected by fury leg cuffs with brown straps wrapped around. The shoes are painted in black, and the wrists include silver bracelets with fury cuffs, and brown gloves on the hands. Included with Bor is an axe and shield, that are each sculpted with excellent likeness and detail.



Beisdes Loki, Destroyer, Ares and Enchantress, Thor hasn’t had too many villains to fight of his own. This set offers fans two Thor villains never offered before, this includes Malekith and Ulik. Malekith is one character that been long demanded, and now can be owned in this exclusive set. The character is quite unique and eye catching, especially with the facial deco and outfit being two colors on either side. His head sculpt half blue, and half black, with the hair in white. On the right side, you can see the pointy blue ear with the hair sculpted behind and under it. The facial details are quite good, including the glaring white eyes and teeth. The outfit is painted in half red, and half black, wit ha star on his chest that is white on the black side, and black on the red side. There are two belt around his waist, with one attached, and the other one loose fitting with two pouches. The belt attached to the waist has a gold belt buckle with some detail, and the pouches have buttons painted in gold. The body is split between the black and red deco, including the arms, legs, and shoes. On the pants and arms are opposite stripes, and the forearms are protected with silver bracelets. The armor over the shoulders are made of soft plastic, and have silver trim around the edges and a star. Included is a sword with a gold handle, and a silver blade.



Ulik is a build-a-figure size figure and stands almost 8″ tall. The figure is big and bulky, and depicts a great likeness to the comic. This is Ulik’s Marvel Legends debut in 6″ scale, and is a another character that fans have been waiting for. The head sculpt has some of the most detailed sculpting in this set, especially the facial details, hair, and especially those pointy fangs. The chest part is covered in armor, which includes a pattern on the top part, straps around the shoulders in green and silver circles, and a front chest piece that looks like a face, with a head sculpted between the eyes. The bottom of the chest piece covers the dark green belt in the front, and the belt wraps around his entire body. The shorts are a lighter green, and has some wrinkles on the front and back. The legs and arms are nicely detailed with nicely detailed textures and sculpting. There is also hair on the shoulders, wrists, and top of the feet in dark brown. The finger nails on the thumbs and toe nails are painted in a lighter brown than the hair, and the hands are holding onto bracelets that he uses to punch an opponent with. Ulik does not include any accessories, as he doesn’t need any.

Overall, there are only positives to say about this set, and fans will definitely want to pick this up if they can.



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