McFarlane Toys Star Trek 2018 Line-Up At Star Trek Las Vegas Convention


McFarlane Toys attended Star Trek Las Vegas annual convention this year and revealed their 2018 Star Trek plans with attendees at the show. In 2018, McFarlane Toys will be offering 7″ Color Tops figures based on Star Trek: Discovery, the new television series. McFarlane Toys will be the only toy company to offer action figures based on Star Trek: Discovery, along with figures from other Star Trek television series.

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At the McFarlane Toys panel, they unveiled several new figures from Star Trek: Discovery, and Star Trek: The Original Series. The new reveals include:

  • Star Trek: The Original Series – Captain Kirk in Command Green Uniform Deluxe 10″ Figure
  • Star Trek: Discovery – Captain Michael Burnham 7″ Figure
  • Star Trek: Discovery – T’Kuvma 7″ Figure
  • Star Trek: Discovery – Type II Phaser Replica

Also shown are new images of their upcoming Captain Kirk and Captain Picard 7″ Color Tops figures, with all of the accessories shown during the slideshow at the panel. We will have more information to share as it happens.