Hasbro Thor: Ragnarok & The Mighty Thor 3 3/4″ Marvel Legends 2-Pack Figures Review

Hasbro Thor: Ragnarok & The Mighty Thor 3 3/4″ Marvel Legends 2-Pack Figures Review


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Hasbro Thor: Ragnarok & The Mighty Thor 3 3/4" Marvel Legends Figure 2-Pack Figures


Hasbro’s newly released Thor 3 3/4″ 2-packs are based on the Thor: Ragnarok film and includes Thor and The Incredible Hulk in arena armor, as well as a comic inspired 2-pack consisting of The Executioner and Entrantress. In addition to these 3 3/4″ Thor: Ragnarok and comic based figures, Hasbro is offering 6″ Marvel Legends figures that you can also pre-order on Entertainment Earth right HERE.

Thank you to Entertainment Earth for providing Hasbro’s Thor: Ragnarok & The Mighty Thor 3 3/4″ Marvel Legends 2-Pack Figures for us to review.

Availability: August 2017


Thor and The Incredible Hulk are based on upcoming Thor: Ragnarok film, which hits theaters on November 3rd, 2017. Thor is sculpted in a new costume that is painted in dark grey armor chest armor, dark grey shorts, dark grey pants and shoes. In addition to this, there is metallic blue deco on the left shoulder guard, right knee guard, and parts of the helmet share both dark grey and metallic blue. sculpted around his legs are brown bandages, with the right one is sculpted underneath the metallic blue knee guard. There is also red deco painted with symbols on the left side of the chest, and on the dark grey paints of the left leg. On the right leg painted over the metallic blue knee guard, there is the more of the red deco, as well as the shoulder guard, and left side of his face. Sculpted across his chest is a dark brown strap, which matches the same brown on his belt. The strap around his chest has a hole on the upper part where the cape plugs into, which tends to fall off easily. The cape is made of soft plastic, and painted in dark red and gold buttons. There is also silver deco just below his head on the top of the armor, and on a button on his right shoulder. Included is his iconic Mjölnir, which is painted in dark grey with a silver wash to make it shine, and a sword.

The Hulk is truly something special, and the figure comes fully prepared to battle in the arena with his new armor and battle axe. The figure is big and bulky, and the armor is sculpted loosely over his body, with only the chest part is removable. The new chest armor features brown straps and a silver shoulder guard over his left shoulder, which is nicely sculpted and detailed. Sculpted to his left shoulder and arm is non-removable gold armor with black straps. The shorts include detailed designs in the front silver portion, as well as the silver belt that goes around his waist. The brown parts of the shorts go around his sides and back, and the dark brown part in front is sculpted to his hips. There is also purple trim around the silver portions of the shorts, as well as purple straps on his wrists and hands. On the right forearm, is silver armor that is different than the other arms, with the purple straps sculpted over it on the wrist. The tattoos on his chest, head and helmet are nicely done, with crisp lines and no bleeding. The helmet is removable, and is painted in the same dark brown as the chest straps, and has the red Roman mohawk at the center. The bottom portion of the legs are sculpted in sandals, which covers the feet and legs. The straps holding the feet in place are very nicely painted and detailed, and there are silver buttons on the front of the legs. Included is his new battle axe, which looks totally menacing.


The Executioner and Enchantress are two good choices for figures especially as both have been used many times on the current Avengers animated series on Disney XD. Both figures are based on their comic appearance, and both features great likeness. The Executioner is sculpted in brown and blue armor with a red symbol on his chest. The blue portion of the armor is metallic, and painted on the shoulders, hips, as well as used as the gloves and boots. The head sculpt has really good likeness to the comic as well as the animated series. The brown deco covers the chest armor and paints. The chest armor, blue shorts and shoulder guards are all one piece, that is made of soft plastic. Underneath is a shirt that is metallic blue. Included is his battle axe, that is painted in silver and brown.

Enchantress is also nicely sculpted, and is painted in her green outfit. The shirt part is made of soft plastic, and fits over the body. There are several shades of green that makeup the costume, including the lighter green being metallic. The paints are black, with the metallic green deco painted over them in a detailed design in front. The head sculpt features a good likeness, with lone and wavy blonde hair, a green crown, and good facial details.

Overall, this is a nice wave of 3 3/4″ figures that fans will love. The only thing that Hasbro can do to help improve this line is to bring back the figure stands, as figures such as Enchantress tend to fall over as she has thinner legs compared to the more bulky characters.


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