Hasbro SDCC 2017 Toys’R’us Exclusive – Marvel Legends 6″ A-Force Set Review

This is Hasbro’s second San Diego Comic-Con offering of Marvel Legends 6” figure set sold simultaneously at the Entertainment Earth booth (at the show) and Toysrus. This is Marvel’s first Avenger team comprised of all women and came as a welcomed surprise to the Marvel Legends line up. The set contains six, 6” figures, and comes in a box with colorful artwork and a window flap that can be opened to display the figures without having to open the package (for you mint on card collectors). On the inside flap, there is a short snippet (in several different languages) about each heroine in the set. The A-Force 6-Figure Box Set is priced at $119.99 and currently shows out of stock online. Hopefully these will show up at your local Toys’r’us much like how their other SDCC exclusives have in the past (in limited quantities). And don’t forget to check out our review on Hasbro’s other SDCC Marvel Legend set, The Mighty Thor: Battle for Asgard.


(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $119.99/ Available at Booth #2343 at Comic-Con International in San Diego and ToysRus)
Marvel Legends A-Force Heroines 6-Pack from Hasbro

Expand your collection of iconic heroines in the Marvel lore with this Marvel Legends A-Force Heroines pack that comes with 6 comic-inspired figures, including Marvel’s Singularity, She-Hulk, Lady Loki, Elsa Bloodstone, Monica Rambeau and Sif. Each 6-inch tall heroine figure is highly articulated and features a beautifully detailed design allowing fans to recreate their favorite comic book arcs right at home.

Availability: The following Toys“R”Us exclusives will be available at the Comic Convention (Entertainment Earth booth #2343) from Wednesday, July 19 – Sunday, July 23, and online at Toysrus from Thursday, July 20 – Sunday, July 23. These items will also be available at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide later this year.



A newcomer to the Marvel universe, Singularity has only been around for two years (2015) and Hasbro has already brought her into the Legends line. She is one of the figures I believe wouldn’t have been made into a figure without this box set. The figure makes good use of the younger girl body as seen with other younger female characters. The figure is made in a translucent blue plastic with silver glitter mixed in. Her eyes are painted white and she has purple paint apps throughout her face and body. The mix of glitter, translucent blue plastic and purple paint app, effectively give her the appearance of being made up of stars. I think this figure is nicely done and probably the most fun in the set.


This is the fourth Marvel Legends 6” figure Hasbro has given us of She-Hulk over the years, and while she is the leader of this team, I feel she received the least amount of love in this set. This figure utilizes the tall female body used for Tundra, which suffers from the older leg articulation, which allows you to pose her decently but with the ugly hip joint showing. My second grievance with this figure is her arms, I feel they are a bit too short giving her the t-rex syndrome. Her paint applications are very basic, with a white painted collar, belt, gloves and boots. She has her traditional purple one piece bathing suit, which is cast in a nice marbleized plastic. The best part of this figure is her head sculpt, however the green used for her skin tone is too dark and hides the beautiful sculpt. This figure is not a bad figure by any means, it’s just very simplistic. I think this figure could have been executed much better with just a few tweaks. For these reasons She-Hulk has earn the least valuable player in this set for me.


Now this is a character that has had multiple figures though out years, but a first as Loki’s female incarnation. This figure is absolutely beautiful and the worth the purchase price alone. The head sculpt and paint apps are flawless. Her head is made up of three different pieces, which are her face which has green eyes, highlighted with green eye shadow, her are lips painted in a wine red with a darker maroon used to line them. The second part is her hair painted straight black with gold beads and hoops sculpted in. Third is her horned crown cast in a gold plastic which is not removable. She comes with a new cape, which is a shared sculpt with Sif, painted in two different shades of tan. She a new loin cloth and belt (non removable), which is painted brown, gold, green and tan. She reuses the same knee pads as Rogue, which gives the appearance of tan / mustard yellow knee high boots . Her outfit is mostly emerald green, with a lighter metallic green chain-mail deco painted on her thighs, arms and chest. Loki has the spell casting hand that we have seen on figures such as Scarlet Witch and has her nails painted black as a nice added detail. Lady Loki has been awarded my most valuable player for this set.

Elsa Bloodstone:

Elsa Bloodstone the monster hunter herself is another character I wouldn’t have thought would have made it into figure form anytime soon, if not for this box set. She has a beautiful head sculpt and her hair is molded in a more rubbery plastic making her pony tail flexible. She comes with new jacket (non removable) which is also a shared sculpt with Spectrum. The amount of sculpt detail put into the jacket is amazing and gives it a textured look and feel; it is painted a greenish grey and the inside liner is brown. Her outfit is painted orange and she is wearing black knee high boots. She has the same belt, gun holster and revolver which we had previously seen on Misty Knight and comes with a pair of identical shot guns. The shot guns fit nicely into her hands, allowing her fingers to reach the triggers. The revolver is able to be held but you can’t get her finger to reach the trigger. Elsa is wearing a black choker with her Bloodgem painted on. Hasbro has definitely hit another home run with this figure and I’m glad to add her to my collection.

Monica Rambeau:

Monica Rambeau is a woman of firsts, not only was she a member of the first all female team of Avengers, A-Force, but she was also the first female Captain Marvel and the first female African-American to join the Avengers. Marvel seems to have a running joke with Monica Rambeau, she keeps loosing her code names. Originally introduced in 1982 as the new Captain Marvel, her code name was changed to Photon, then to Pulsar and finally Spectrum. The figure did a great job of capturing her character’s likeness. Her head sculpt is unique to her, with her hair nicely sculpted with a white headband. The figure shares the same jacket (as well as other parts) as Elsa Bloodstone, but is not really noticeable because it is molded in black plastic. Her costume is black and white, and has her symbol painted on her chest. The paint applications are mostly crisp and clean with the exception of a slight misalignment of her star symbol on her chest (which could just be with my figure).


The Lady Sif is a figure that was way overdue, but the wait was well worth it. The figure makes a great use of reused parts (mostly from Angela) with a few new editions. Sif has a new head with her white winged tiara and jet black hair. She has the same shared cape as Loki from this set but colored in red with white fur that has a blue wash to it. The figure also sports a new white skirt piece with a dark red belt / holster that is unique to her. Sif wears a red top with a bold clean white deco on her chest, and has red armored thigh high boots with pearlized white paint as an accent added on her feet. She has white armored wrists and red gloves. The only drawback to this figure is her sword, which is molded in silver plastic with is handle painted a dark red. The problem with the sword is once it’s placed in the figures hand the paint chips off the handle. I have to say thank you to Hasbro and Toys’R’us for finally adding Sif to my Asgardian line up.

Overall this set is a must have for Marvel fans and gives us some underrated / obscure figures we might not have recieved otherwise.