First-Look: Jakks Pacific Star Wars The Last Jedi 18″ Big Figs Review


Jakks Pacific will be offering four new Star Wars Big Figs on the annual Force Friday celebration. These new figures including Rey, Kylo Ren, First Order Stormtrooper and a Praetorian Guard and are based on Star Wars The Last Jedi, the eighth film in the franchise. The figure stand at 18″ – 20″ tall and have 7 points of articulation, and some feature soft goods capes and removable accessories.  These figures will be available on Force Friday, September 1st for $19.99 each. A second wave is also planned, and will include variations of some of these figures.

With Force Friday beginning tomorrow, we are very excited to be one of the first news outlets to bring you this review and all four of these figures look great. For those of you collecting these, these are great compliments to The Force Awakens line as well as updates to match their appearance as seen in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Rey includes Luke Skywalker’s blue lightsaber with a removable hilt, Kylo Ren includes his iconic red lightsaber, the Praetorian Guard includes his double-bladed weapon, and the First Order Stormtrooper includes his blaster.

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing their Star Wars The Last Jedi 18″ Big Figs for review.

Availability: September 2017



Rey is updated in her light and dark grey outfit as seen in The Last Jedi, and features both plastic and soft goods parts. The part of the robe handing downward are made of soft goods, and this definitely a nice touch. Sculpted around her waist is a belt with several straps, attached with a holder for a blaster or something else that unfortunately is not included. The outfit has some realistic looking wrinkles and folds on the plastic parts, including the top of the robe, arm bandages, pants and boots. Sculpted on her right wrist is a brown wrist band that is over the light grey bandage on her arm. The blue lightsaber has a removable hilt, and can fit in either hand. The head sculpt is just beautiful, and the paint applications to indicate makeup and facial details look great. Her articulation is standard for Big Figs, which includes a swivel neck, swivel shoulders, swivel wrists, and swivel hips. As far as design goes, the outfit looks just like she does in the film, or at least what we’ve seen in previews of it.



Kylo Ren comes with an updated costume to what was shown in The Force Awakens, and it still is a black outfit with a long black cloak. There is some new textures on the shirt and the cloak does not include a hood. The patterns on the shirt are nicely done, and there is also textured patterns on the arms and different smaller patterns on the legs, and both of these include various textures. The cloak is removable, and there are also soft goods handing around his hips that are attached to the belt. The boots and gloves are smoother, and offer some realistic likeness such as straps and patterns. The helmet is the same as the last film, with the silver trim on the front of the helmet with the mask over the mouth. The lightsaber has a removable hilt, but the blades on the sides remain attached to it. The articulation is the same as other figures in this line.



The Praetorian Guard is a brand new character, but also should be familiar to Star Wars fans as this is a new name for the Emperor’s Royal Guard. The outfit is completely imagined, as well as the accessory, but at least the color of the uniform remains the same. The body armor includes multiple layers of armor on the arms and the chest piece is smooth, with several layers of armor on the front and back. The design for the helmet is quite interesting, as the top part of the helmet is flat and slanted on all sides, and the face part of it has sculpted lines giving it texture on the front and sides. The soft goods cover the legs, which are painted in black and the boots are the same shiny red as the armor. The two blades can become a double bladed sword by attaching the two ends, and this piece is painted in red and silver deco. There are also some nicely sculpted designs on the accessory. The articulation is the same as other Big Figs in this line.



The First Order Stromtrooper is sculpted in his white and black armor. The First Order helmet appears to be the same as the last film, as well as the design of the body itself. The details on the armor are also there, including the belt with pouches, the sculpted details on the chest piece, arms, and legs. On the right leg there are two holes for the blaster to be stored, and it fits perfectly with the blaster. The helmet includes the angled helmet design, black sunglasses shaped visor, and also has silver deco on the front end of the helmet. The blaster can fit in either hand sculpt, and includes a scope on top. The articulation is the same as other Big Figs in this line.

Overall, this is a great selection of characters, great quality and deco, and we especially like the soft goods. These should be hitting stores on Force Friday, so make sure to click off the links below when you shop, and come back on Force Friday for even more great coverage.


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