Entertainment Earth: Iron Man, Moon Knight, Metroid, Space Ghost & More


Entertainment Earth has several new updates including sale items, what’s new and trending, and more great products just listed on their site.

Daily Deal – Iron Man Meets Igor!
Daily Deal! From the third Iron Man movie, comes the Iron Man 3 Mk. 38 Igor Armor AHV Pre-Assembled Model Kit, on sale until midnight tonight. Take 70% off our regular price and be amazed at this big, blue, burly bot! Assembly is easy, and it looks terrific. Very few versions of this armor got made as collectibles, so grab one before it blasts off forever. Order yours now!

Metroid Statue – Samus Returns Soon!
If you love Metroid – and we know you do – you’ll want to pre-order this Metroid Prime Samus Varia Suit 1:4 Scale Statue. She’s on her way to another adventure on the Nintendo 3DS this month, but she’s also an awesome statue with a metallic base and a stunning finish. You don’t want to miss her, so pre-order now. See you next mission!

Space Ghost – New Old Action Figure!
One of our best-selling characters doesn’t come around every day. He’s been a hero, he’s been a talk show host, and he’s done segments hosting cartoons – he’s Space Ghost! The retro-style Hanna Barbera Space Ghost 8-Inch Action Figure looks a lot like the Mego figures of old, but he’s brand new. Complete with cape and power bands, this mighty intergalactic hero is joined by his sidekicks (sold separately) and is ready to take on locusts, molten lava men, and whatever Brak is. Order yours now!

Moon Knight – Now an Awesome Statue
If you love Moon Knight and awesome collectibles, give the Marvel Premier Collection Moon Knight Statue a gander. This gorgeous monument to the classic caped character sports an Egyptian-themed base, a nod to his origin and powers. He’s coming early next year, so order yours now!

Use the Force Link – New Star Wars Tech for Your Action Figures
New from Hasbro, the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Force Link Starter Set is just the thing to get your figures and vehicles talking using wireless technology. Just place this on your wrist and pick up your new toys from The Last Jedi. Action figures will talk, the TIE Silencer will light up, and vehicles will make cool combat noises! Look for the Force Link symbol on your toys, and the fun kicks off instantly. What’s more, this set includes a unique Kylo Ren action figure! Order yours now.