Entertainment Earth: Daily Deal, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Mothra, Batman & More

Entertainment Earth: Daily Deal, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Mothra, Batman & More

Entertainment Earth 

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Daily Deal – Vocaloid Anime Statue 75% Off!
Daily Deal! Direct from Japan, the Vocaloid Racing Miku Sepang Version Statue is today’s Daily Deal. This eye-popping statue is 75% off until midnight tonight, and it features a cool base, a great costume, and a pose you rarely see in collectible statues. Order yours now!

Kylo Ren’s New Ride Is Like Poppy Vader’s
If you haven’t had the chance to futz with the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer Vehicle, you’re missing out. Not only is it an amazing, sleek interceptor with angled wings and a hull that couldn’t possibly be any more black, but it has a secret inside. If you wear the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Force Link Starter Set while holding it, it makes TIE noises – engine sounds, blasters, and all that good stuff. And as a bonus, it lights up red in its engines! There are no batteries in the vehicle – the power comes transmitted from the Force Link band. It’s utterly magical, and you’ve got to try it. Order yours now!

New Star Wars Mug Exclusive – It’s Golden!
Now, there’s a mug for you! The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rebel Symbol 20 oz. Ceramic Stein – Entertainment Earth Exclusive is just the thing to make mornings more exciting. The classic symbol of good in Star Wars is surrounded by gold and some teeny-tiny starfighters, with the film’s logo backing it all up. It’s perfect for coffee, tea, ice cream, or whatever else you need to get started in the morning. Order yours now!

Make Your Party a Doctor Who Party
If you plan on entertaining this season, the Doctor Who TARDIS Embossed Serving Platter is required for maximum fun. You can put anything on it – burgers, chicken fingers, wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey Jell-O – the works. Order yours now!

Retro Batmobile Vehicle for Mego 8-Inch Action Figures
If you collect toys from Mego or Figures Toy Company, you’ll want to have a Batman DC Comics Batmobile Vehicle (Black) around. There are multiple colors, and we have an incredible selection of 8-inch compatible vehicles for your action figures. With seating for two, great detail, and rolling wheels, you don’t want to miss these. Order yours today!

Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Gamora vs. Strider
Everything great in a single place! Part of a new series of collectible figures, this Marvel vs. Capcom Gamora vs. Strider Pop! Vinyl 2-Pack brings you the hero of Strider as a toy for the first time in years, plus a swell new Gamora inspired by Capcom’s latest fist-flinging foray into fun. You’ll want to collect the whole team, so be sure to start with the Marvel vs. Capcom Gamora vs. Strider Pop! Vinyl 2-Pack. It’s awesome!

Mothra’s Coming Back in Classic Sofubi Style
She’s a classic! Get the moth with the most when you order the stunning Godzilla Kaiju Series Mothra 1964 Version Sofubi Vinyl Figure – Previews Exclusive. It boasts a cool stand and sensational detail, and it’s a decent sized collectible, too. With a 25-inch wingspan, this is one of the biggest Mothra figures of any season! Order yours now!

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