NYCC 2017 – Hasbro Marvel Legends Showroom Coverage


We are attending Hasbro’s private showroom at New York Comic-Con this morning, and have a full gallery to share with you.

Pre-Orders will be available soon on Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore and

  • Gladiator being offered as a single release
  • Multiple Man – 3 head sculpts
  • Mr. Fantastic – Walgreens Exclusive – comes with long bendable, and short arms
  • Thing is coming as a Walgreens exclusive – 2018
  • A Sentinel army is something Hasbro can explore
  • Nimrod is a character we discussed
  • Sauron – BAF no new updates
  • Songbird, King Kobra, Taskmaster in Avengers wave 1 – 2018
  • Prowler (Spider-Man wave)
  • More television and movie Marvel Legends are possible, including the Gifted and Netflix
  • Alpha Flight characters continue with Sasquatch (Puck was released as a BAF a few years ago)
  • Hasbro Deadpool figure will see a retail release
  • 12″ figures they are still exploring to see how it does
  • Deadpool is it’s own separate wave – Deathlok, Domino,
  • Mighty Mugs are coming back as Marvel and Star Wars – 3 facial expressions change when pressing down on the head