NECA Toys Terminator 2 1/4″ Scale T-800 Figure Review


NECA Toys Terminator 2 1/4″ Scale T-800 Figure is available now and this one is just a beautify. The figure is based on his appearance as seen in Terminator 2: Judgement Day and features the likeness of Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is a scaled up version of the 7″ figure that was released back in 2015. The figure comes with all of the accessories (minus the head sculpts) that the 7″ figure had.

This T-800 unit was sent back in time by older John Connor to protect his younger self from an assassination attempt by a new type of Terminator with liquid metal called the T-1000. The two battled it out in the film and ultimately ended with the destruction of both Terminators, as the T-800 sacrificed himself in an attempt to ensure that Skynet never existed. Obviously, it failed and Judgement Day is destined to happen.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing Terminator 2 1/4″ Scale T-800 Figure for review.

Availability: September 2017


The T-8oo stands at almost 18″ tall and features the likeness to Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The T-800 uses the Ultimate body that was introduced to fans in 2015 for the 7″ figure line. The details and life-like appearance is now bigger than ever, including the bullet holes on the leather jacket on the front and back. The jacket and pants include a detailed likeness from the film, and have a realistic style and texture on the leather jacket and leather pants. The zippers and buttons on the jacket are painted in silver, and the flesh tone on the figure looks really good and film accurate. His hand are covered in leather gloves, and his hair has a detailed texture on it, with a black wash over the brown deco. The entire outfit is leather, including the belt and shoes, and have realistic details such as silver buckles. He also has a light grey tee shirt underneath the leather jacket.



Just like the 7″ figure, this 1/4″ scale release comes back with articulation, and of course, the accessories. What is not here is the interchangeable head sculpts, and instead, he is given removable black sunglasses as seen in the film. The ammo belt is also removable, and includes a realistic textured straps with ammo in all but one of the holsters. The pistol also looks realistic, with a textured handle and detailed likeness to the actual thing, and the grenade launcher comes with a strap that he can put around his shoulder. The biggest accessory, and the most eye catching, is the Minigun with the ammo bag attached to it with the ammo belt. The likeness and detail on the Minigun looks like the real thing, and is painted in silver. The ammo belt has a realistic feet to it when holding it, as the ammo itself has a rough texture. The ammo belt is attached to the bag, which hangs on his shoulder with the strap, and the bad itself is painted in blue with a black wash. The strap on the bag has a similar texture to the ammo belt around his chest. The Minigun needs to be held by both hands, and each hand sculpt is sculpted just for the sole purpose of holding this weapon. The left hand is in an open position, and the hands are made of a soft plastic, it’s easy to insert the hands on the handles.



All of this great detail and life-like sculpt is remarkable, and fans will definitely love the quality to it. There are a few flaws however, including the difficulty to get the figure to stand some of the time, the ammo bag and grenade launcher straps do tend to fall off the shoulders if they are moved, and there is no holster for the pistol (which there wasn’t in the film, but still it would be nice to have a place to hold this accessory). Overall, this is a great figure, and a great addition to the Terminator line.


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