NECA Toys Jungle Demon Predator 1/4″ Scale Figure Review


It’s finally here! NECA Toys continues to celebrate the Predator 30th Anniversary with a new 1/4″ scale release of the Jungle Demon Predator that was first shown in the original film. This is a scaled up version of the 7″ figure that was released earlier this year, and has features including LED effects to simulate the yellow glowing eyes and phasing effect seen in the film. He also features red LED lights in the mask’s targeting system and in the wrist computer, which flips open.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Jungle Demon Predator 1/4″ Scale Figure for review. 

Availability: October 2017


The Jungle Demon Predator stands at 19″ tall and uses the same sculpt as the 1/4″ scale Jungle Hunter Predator figure.  Most of the sculpt itself is identical, including the mask, shoulder mounted cannon with removable backpack, a computer, a retractable blade, chest and back, arms, hands, legs and feet. All of the great detail is there, including the sculpted texture on the body, as well as the armor. The deco on this figure is beautiful, which covers a significant portion of the translucent clear plastic in several shades of green, brown and yellow to blend in with plants (as part of his cloaking technology). The deco is truly remarkable, as its a great interpretation from the film brought into toy form, and the glowing yellow eyes (even without the LED effects) are definitely a nice touch. The paint is done perfectly with not too much bleeding or stress marks.

While the sculpt is the same as the 1/4″ scale Jungle Hunter Predator figure, there are some differences including the straps on hanging down on the forearms and legs have been removed. Besides this, we can’t find any other significant difference other than the deco itself, which is so well done that he almost looks like a brand new figure.



The Jungle Demon Predator features a shoulder mounted cannon, a computer, and a retractable blade. In addition, there are trophies of skulls and spines that are around his torso and back, as well as wires that connect to the armor on the figure as well as the left arm. These are fragile parts as they move, so be extra careful there. The LED features are really make him stand out nicely, and the computer on his left forearm, and eyes light-up. The LED light-up feature on the eyes have a cycle sequence that include the following: 1st cycle for laser guidance and visor, 2nd cycle for visor LED, 3rd cycle for the laser guidance LED, and the 4th cycle for the fading visor sequence. This is activated by pressing the button with the three pieces of hair hanging down on the left side of the eye.

Overall, the 1/4″ scale Jungle Hunter Predator is an excellent figure and we love the LED light-up features and deco.


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