Eaglemoss Alien And Predator Xenomorph Queen Statue Review


Eaglemoss upcoming Alien And Predator Xenomorph Queen statue comes amazingly detailed and makes the perfect addition to any Alien collection. This piece comes with an unassembled tail and base, and some minor assembly is required.

The fourth Special issue in the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection is the intimidating Alien Queen. The alien queen is the largest and most intelligent member of her deadly species. She remains immobile while laying eggs but will abandon her brood to viciously attack when threatened. Produced in high quality polyresin this figure stands over 9 inches tall.

In every hive, the Queen is the largest and most intelligent female. She is usually the mother of every Drone and Warrior in the hive, since she is the only one to lay eggs. The Queen Alien is the primary antagonist of Aliens franchise films, and Alien Vs Predator.

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Thank you to Eaglemoss for sending along their Alien and Predator Xenomorph Queen Statue for review. 

Editor’s Note: This piece arrived with two hands broken off while in transit. This is a very delicate statue, and if yours arrives broken, make sure to let Eaglemoss know! Your best bet is to purchase this from them directly regarding any defects or issues.

Availability: December 2017



The Xenomorth Queen is inspired by the designs of H.R. Tiger and devised by Aliens director James Cameron and effects artist Stan Winston. The Alien Queen made her film debut in the 1986 classic Aliens film, where Ripley destroys her nest, and this statue is based on the Queen’s likeness from the film.

The Xenomorph Queen stands at slightly over 10″ as the tail stands as the tallest part of the statue. The Queen is extremely detailed and stands in a pose as she was featured in the film. The statue stands on a themed base that features some sculpted textures. The head sculpt includes an open mouth with sharp teeth, and she is sculpted with her head looking down, which gives you a good look at the top of the head and it’s long and thin shaped appearance. There are some skeletal structures on the top of the head, which can also be seen on the back side of the head. She includes four arms, compared to the Xenomorph having two, and the spine sticks up on the back as well as the bone structures sculpted throughout the tail. The tail is sculpted in several curls, and includes a pointy end that is capable of piercing through flesh. The legs attach to the base using pegs on the bottoms of the feet, and there are holes on the base for them to be inserting into. Every bit of detail and likeness comes together nicely and the statue includes a great likeness to the film.

The paint applications really bring out the detail, and she is painted in a return black, and brown wash throughout the sculpt. Usually, the Queen is offered in either blue or red, but these colors make her really stand out, and with the glossy shine, she looks amazing detailed.

Overall, the Queen is an excellent statue, and Aliens fans will definitely want to add her to their collection. Just remember that she is an EXTREMELY fragile piece, and can be easily broken.


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