The Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates Series 5 Two Packs Review

The Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates Series 5 Two Packs Review


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The Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates Series 5 Two Packs


Diamond Select Toys latest The Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates series is available now and includes an assortment of new and characters and variants of existing releases. These are now being offered as two packs, as opposed to blind bags due to retailer request as announced earlier this year at New York ToyFair. The comic shop and online retailer versions will get Glow-In-The-Dark Santa Jack with Glow-In-The-Dark Mayor, Vampires. and Corpse Dad with Corpse Mom.

Toys “R” Us. will get exclusive 2 packs of Glow-In-The-Dark Mayor with Cyclops, and two more Vampires that are different than the one’s in these two packs. In our coverage of the Diamond Select Toys panel at this years New York Comic-Con, DST revealed this information along with product images of these Minimates. See the image below, and get caught up on the panel by heading to our video coverage of the panel. Go to the 56 minute mark to see this. We had attempted to obtain these two packs before this review went up, without success. We did a screen shot of the video to show you these figures.


Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their The Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates Series 5 Two Packs for review. 

Availability: November 2017


In the movie, Jack pretends to be Santa Claus when the real Santa was abducted by Oogie Boogie. This figure depicts that scene and Jack is offered in a santa suit. The arms, legs and chest are painted red on the basic Minimate blocks. His beard is under his head and is a separate piece, and his hat is attached to the top of his head with a peg. The beard also has lines sculpted on, which indicates hair. The trim around the sleeves of the arms and bottom of the pants, as well as the ball of the hat, and trim around the hat have texture as well as the glow-in-the-dark feature. His face also has the ability to glow-in-the-dark, with black deco for his eyes, nose, and mouth. He also includes an acrylic figure stand.

Mayor is sculpted with a basic Minimate sculpt, and placed over it is a large jacket that features a spider-tie, a ribbon that says Mayor, with a white deco painted under the tie to indicate a shirt, black trim and buttons. The jacket is painted in dark grey, as are the sleeves. The pants are painted black with white lines, and he has black shoes and a black top hat with dark grey trim. The Mayor has two facial expressions on opposite sides that are painted with black deco. This figure also features glow-in-the-dark deco on his head and hand sculpts. Included with Mayor is a microphone that is painted in silver, and an acrylic figure stand.


The short and tall Vampires are offered as a two pack, and are sculpted as Minimates block figures, with a long black robe with red around their necks placed over their bodies. The figures have vampire wings on the back of the arms, and the wings are attached to rings that are on their wrists. The vampires are painted in light grey skin, with black and yellow facial details, including eyes, fangs, and mouths. The hair piece are attached using pegs on the top of the heads, and have ears sculpted on the sides. Includes with the vampires are umbrellas that are painted in black, and acrylic figure stands.


Corpse Dad and Corpse Mom are the parents of Corpse Boy, and are being offered for the first time as figures.

Corpse Dad has the appearance of a clown, as he has a big red nose and a clown-style hair. The hair has a texture, and is located on the back of his head, with a tiny stem of hair at the top. He is sculpted as a Minimate block figure, with a red suit with sculpted lines, and a black tie piece placed over the block. The suit is also torn along the bottom, with the bottom of the right side hanging down. The arms are painted in the same red as the suit to represent sleeves, and the pants are dark grey with black shoes. The skin is painted in a light grey, with facial details including yellow eyes, a red nose, and black deco to represent the mouth and folds of the skin.

Corpse Mom is sculpted as a Minimate block, with a long dress placed over her body. The dress is wide, and represents a chubby stomach and back with folds along the bottom. The dress is painted in a light pink, with dark pink flowers, and there is also a necklace painted on below her neck. The dress is also torn in several places in the front, with her skin showing through. The sleeves are painted on the arms, with pink and dark pink flowers. Her skin is also light grey, and she has yellow eyes, red lipstick, and black deco for a mouth, and folds in her skin. Her hair piece is placed on top using a peg, and is painted in dark grey. Her shoes are painted on the bottom of her feet, with thin red lines.

Included with both figures is an acrylic figure stand.

Overall, this is an excellent set, and there character selection and detail is truly excellent. Fans of the film will love this wave.


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