Eaglemoss Alien Vs. Predator – Video Game Paint Variant Figurine Box Set Review


Eaglemoss released their Alien Vs. Predator – Video Game Paint Variant Figurine Box Set that is exclusively available at the Eaglemoss Shop. This set is based on the classic 1993 Alien vs Predator SNES video game, and includes repainted figurines of the Predator Warrior and Alien Xenomorph. A lone Predator Warrior has traveled to the planet Vega 4 to hunt humans but has instead found a city overrun with Aliens. Using all of its technology, the Predator advances through waves of deadly creatures to reach the ultimate prey…the Alien Queen!

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Thank you to Eaglemoss for providing their Alien Vs. Predator – Video Game Paint Variant Figurine Box Set for review. 

Availability: November 2017


Eaglemoss have truly outdone themselves on this Alien vs. Predator set that is inspired by the 1993 video game as this features not only awesome looking packaging, but include the retro 8-bit deco on the figurines. The packaging is inspired by the original card art from the game, and includes a window box packaging showcasing the television screen of the game, with the score, number of lives, and an image of the vintage controller with the wire on the bottom flap. The back of the box includes additional artwork, such as screen shots of action scenes from the game, images of the figurines and additional information. Inside the package is a booklet with more images and details, and on the back of the booklet is a backdrop of the 8-bit design, that we used for the photoshoot.


The Predator and Alien Xenomorph figurines are painted with the 8-bit deco to represent the likeness from the game. The Alien Xenomorph stands at slightly over 5″ tall, and is sculpted in an action pose with the tail curled around, arms and head down, knees bent, and tongue out as if he’s ready to attack the Predator. The figure features sculpted texture showcasing the skeletal structures on the body, and is painted in black with a green wash that almost completely coverages the figure. The Alien stands on a base that is painted silver, with black deco sculpted inward. There is also back and green deco on three sides of the base, which may indicate the Alien blood as the acid burns through the floor.

The Predator figurine stands at slightly over 5-1/4″ tall and is sculpted with various textures including the fishnet on the legs and chest, the details on the armor, and the various textures on the head, hair, arms and base. The Predator is sculpted in an action pose with both arms spread out to the sides, his blade extended, knees bent, and his facial expression gives the impression he’s ready for battle. The Predator is painted with grey and light brown skin with 8-bit deco detail, with blue armor with the 8-bit deco of a lighter blue on the armor. He has trophies sculpted around his chest of previous kills, and great facial details including the mouth, eyes, and hair. He is sculpted to an action base that is similar to the Aliens, with the silver and black deco, and Alien blood on three sides.

The action base can be placed next to each other, but the lines on the bases do not line-up, and the bases cannot be connected.

Overall, Eaglemoss is offering an incredible set that features excellent deco, great sculpting, and an incredible packaging that is inspired by the artwork of the game.


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