Imaginext Teen Titans Tower Playset Review


Teen Titans GO!

Fisher-Price is offering a Teen Titans Tower Playset in their Imaginext line this year, along with a full line-up of figures and vehicles based on the current Teen Titans series. This years line-up includes the Teen Titans Tower Playset,  Beast Boy & GorillaRobin & JetCyborg & Transforming Battle Rig VehicleMeat Party Cyborg PlaysetMagic Attack Raven, and Pizza Party Starfire Playset.

The Tower Playset includes Robin, Mammoth and Silkie Imaginext figures.

Robin’s in the training room of the Teen Titans Tower getting in some sparring practice with the dummy when trouble strikes—the Tower is under attack by Mammoth! Run, Silkie! Young titans can head off the assault by sending Robin up the elevator to the top of the tower, where he can turn the Power Pad to transform the couches into projectile launchers. Ready…aim…fire! Take that, Mammoth! Has Mammoth gone for good, or will he be back for more battle action? That’s for your young titan to decide! Imaginext® Imagine What’s Next!™

Thank you to Fisher-Price and the Imaginext brand team for providing the Teen Titans Tower Playset for review. 

Availability: September 2017



The Teen Titans Tower playset is based on the current Teen Titans animated series, and measures roughly 15″ length,  just over 5″ width, and 15″ in height. While this Tower is based on the animated series, the Teen Titans Tower first appearance in DC Comics Presents #26 in 1980. The Tower is home of the Teen Titans, and has had several buildings appear in DC Comics located outside of New York City as well as California.

The Tower is large enough to fit every Teen Titan Imaginext figure in this assortment, and features a living room with two couches, a sleeping quarters, a training center, an elevator, a landing platform and stands on a base that resembles grass. The front of the Tower is shaped like a T, and has dark blue translucent pieces with squares to give it some detail. The inside of the building can be seen through the front, but comes up as dark and light blue. The front does not open up, and there are no display options for the figures unless you place them on top of the building, or on the sides.



The living room includes two couches that swivel by turning the power pad on top, and the couches open up to become firing projectiles. The projectiles fire by pressing on them in the back, and do not fire automatically when the couches turn and open up. The screen is a logo for Teen Titans, with images of the characters as they appear on the show. The screen cannot change to something else like a news report, video game, or something else that the Teen Titans watch.


The sleeping quarters is for Raven and Starfire, with bunkbeds in purple and orange. Both Raven and Starfire can be placed on the beds and fit nicely. The bedroom also has skulls on the floor, which is a design for Raven, and a circular opening with a balcony on the side. The floor is pink, and the skulls are sculpted into it, with large and small skulls.



The training room includes a punching bag with the likeness of Slade’s (Deathstroke) face on the front, and turns when the power pad is turned. The training room is only several steps, and the platform below includes a landing spot for Robin’s Jet or something else, with two T’s sculpted on it with a circular pattern around it. On the sides of the training center is grass with some green rocks in the front. The surface is textured to represent the ground.

The elevator reaches the top of the roof, to all the way down to the surface. The elevator can even stay in place, and does not drop down by its self, so there’s no reason why you need to hold it.


Included with the Tower are Imaginext figures of Robin, Mammoth and Silkie. Robin is a repainted figure from the figure that is included with the Jet, with green and red, yellow and black deco. There is a Robin logo on the top right side of his chest, a soft goods cape, and the facial expression is also slightly different than the previous figure. Mammoth is the only villain in this series, and is exclusive to the Tower Playset. He is sculpted in his black and yellow outfit, with orange hair and an odd facial expression. Silkie is also exclusive to the set, and is a mutant moth larvae created by Killer Moth who later became the Teen Titans’s official pet/mascot. Silkie is painted in pink, and can be placed anywhere on the playset (with the exception of the power pads of course as his legs and feet don’t fit). Also included are four projectiles.

Overall, this is an excellent set, with a great likeness, lots of fun features and gimmicks.





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