Fisher-Price Imaginext Justice League Mobile Command Center Vehicle Review


One of the hottest Imagintext toys by Fisher-Price this year is their Justice League Mobile Command Center Vehicle that features a remote control capability, projectiles, a jail, plenty of space for figure storage, and light-up and sound effects. This Mobile Command Center is truly a must-have on Christmas morning, and is a great addition to any DC and Imaginext collection.

During New York Comic-Con, we interviewed the Fisher-Price brand team of the Fall 2017 line-up of Imaginext toys, and in the interview, you can see how this set works with a video demonstration.

Thank you to Mattel and Fisher-Price for providing their Justice League Mobile Command Center Vehicle for review. 

Availability: November 2017

The Justice League Mobile Command Center Vehicle measures roughly 14″ long, 8″ wide, and 7″ in height in armored truck mode, and features remote control capabilities, light-up and sound effects, as well as launching the drone. The remote control can active the vehicles forward, backward, and turn features, as well as transforms from vehicle to playset. The remote is shaped of a bat logo, or batarang, and the vehicle needs to be turned on by a switch located at the bottom for this to work.

The power pad also activates the transformation sequence, and once it’s turned, the vehicle begins to light-up, speak and sound effects begin to work, and the launching pad rises. The power pad can also lower the launching pad by turning it once more, and the vehicle begins to light-up, and the sound effects being to work. The drone can only be launched by the button on the remote, as well as the red button on the below the drone on the launching pad. This red button with the “I” for Imaginext logo on it, also activates the launching pad by raising it, and lowering it. Once it raised by pressing the bottom, the drone fires. The drone can be fired again by placing it back on the launching pad, and pressing the button once more.

The Justice League Mobile Command Center can also store up to 12 or more Imaginext figures, including Batman as he (or any other figure) can stand on the power pad. The truck opens up and reveals the command center, which includes a driving seat, computers, a missile launcher with an extra missile that can be stored right next to it, a prison, front end blasters with two figures holding it, and pegs in the command center, front, and sides of the vehicle. In our gallery, we showcased the core members of the Justice League, to give you an idea of where they can be placed. There is additional room for more figures, so it’s not necessary for all of them to be placed on the pegs around the vehicle. The vehicle is painted to resemble Batman, with Batman’s mask as the front of the vehicle and is painted in blue, grey, red, yellow, and black, with Batman logo’s on the sides.

Overall, this is an excellent vehicle, with great features, lots of places to store figures, and an overall fun toy that both kids and adults will love.