NECA Toys Robocop Vs Terminator EndoCop & Terminator Dog 2-Pack Review

NECA Toys Robocop Vs Terminator EndoCop & Terminator Dog 2-Pack Review


In 1992, Dark Horse Comics introduced a new comic series crossover bringing together two blockbuster franchises, Robocop and Terminators. The series reveals that the technology that built RoboCop will lead to the creation of Skynet, Alex Murphy must engage in time-twisting battle against both the murderous computer network and the human resistance fighters out to destroy him. The series was written by Frank Miller and drawn by Walt Simonson.

This isn’t the first time that NECA Toys brought this story to the toy aisles, as 2014 saw RoboCop vs. Terminator 8-bit deco figures inspired by the classic video game. These figures were released separately, with RoboCop and Terminator figures being offered. Following these releases, NECA Toys announced different versions of these figures that are based on the Dark Horse Comic Series, that are available now. Also coming is the Future Robocop Figure, that fans will be able to collect as part of this line. This wave includes the RoboCop/T-800 hybrid figure, also commonly known as the EndoCop, and a Terminator Dog.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Robocop Vs Terminator EndoCop and Terminator Dog 2-Pack for review.

Availability: December 2017


The packaging for this set features retro artwork from the comic book series by Dark Horse Comics, which includes images of the EndoCop and Terminator dog. The artwork on the packaging is very inventive and brings you a look at what is going on with the war on Skynet. with the front and sides giving you great detail that is extremely colorful. The back of the box gives you a look at the figures, that is also in a comic style, and a brief synopsis for the comic. The inner flap has an enlarged image of the figures, as well as the window showcasing the figures in a tray, with a comic style backdrop behind it.



The EndoCop and Terminator Dog are based on their appearances as seen in the comic, and is given a bit of a NECA twist to it to make these look realistic rather than a cartoony comic appearance. The EndoCop shares some parts of previous RoboCop figures, and this is because in the story Skynet used the parts that was used to make RoboCop to begin building their Terminator army. His head sculpt depicts the helmet and visor of RoboCop, with a T-800 mouth and facial details below the visor. The shoulders and arms have the appearance of a T-800, but the torso, legs and feet are all based on RoboCop. There is no gun storage on the figures hip, which does not open up like it does for RoboCop. The articulation and detail on this figure is quite excellent, including the shiny metallic silver deco on the body with some blue highlights. The stomach and lower back is painted in black, along with the neck, and back of the legs. Attached to the sides of the knees are jet packs as shown on the artwork on the box. The fingers are a big on the fragile side, especially when placing the pistol the hand.

The Terminator Dog has an excellent design, with the shape and body of an animal, and a menacing looking head with red eyes and sharp K-9 teeth. The sculpt includes a spine, ribs, and Terminator components throughout the body. The figure is also nicely articulated, such as a hinged jaw, ball jointed neck, and various ball joints on the body. The deco includes a metallic silver finish, with a dark wash over it. The articulation allows him for various poses, such as standing, walking or running.

Overall, this is an excellent set with a great likeness to the Dark Horse comic book. The detail on the figures, especially the paint applications look amazing. Fans of the series, along with fans of RoboCop will love these figures.


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