Mattel DC Multiverse – Justice League 6″ Mera Figure Price Decreases On Amazon


It looks like is testing the waters on their exclusive Justice League Movie 6″ Mera Figure to see what price point this will sell best at, as they’ve been lowering the price almost everyday for the past week or so by a little. The lowest price this figure was discounted for $6.68 on January 1st, and went back up to $19.99 soon afterwards. At full price, it’s a guarantee that Amazon will not sell many of these, as fans know that without the Collect & Collect parts, or additional accessories, the figure is just not worth that markup. In the past several weeks, Amazon has lowered the price just a little bit almost everyday, which hasn’t been all that noticeable unless you’ve been paying attention. The current price is down to $14.32, which is still high considering that last month the figure went down for as low as $7 and change. Since we’re past the holiday season, it doesn’t look like Mera will see too many price drops below $10 anytime soon, which is no surprise as Amazon is not looking to give her away.

Last year, Amazon offered a Suicide Squad Harley Quinn figure exclusive, which has also seen many price decreases in the past year. Right now, she is being offered for $9.12, which is almost 60% off the $19.99 MSRP. She also was offered with a few accessories, such as alternate hands for Killer Croc, so at least she came with parts for the Collect & Connect figure. Given the fact that either figure hasn’t sold out at full price, and we’re seeing both go for very low prices, it’s unclear if Amazon will take another risk like this going forward with an exclusive figure that really doesn’t sell at full price, compared to sale prices that both have been going for. Hopefully, we’ll be able to share some news with you at New York ToyFair confirming if there will be an exclusive for 2018 or not, and in all honestly, it might be best for Amazon to stay away from these given that both Harley Quinn and Mera have not found the intended shoppers at full price. If they are to carry exclusives like this in the future, they need to bump up the offering, and explain to the fans why they should spend $19.99 on this figure, as it will need at least an array of weapons, plus parts to add on to that waves Collect & Collect character.

The rest of the Justice League DC Multiverse line-up is available on Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore.

In the thrilling new Justice League movie, DC Super Heroes and DC Super-Villains battle to control Earth! This 6″ Mera figure lets fans recreate key action with the great undersea warrior. The captivating figure features green scaled suit, iconic crown, and a signature weapon accessory. With 19 points of articulation, she is perfect for battle posing and dynamic display. As Princess of Xebel, one of the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis, she also makes a unique addition to your DC collection. You can also choose Aquaman and other key movie figures then recreate your favorite action scenes. Each sold separately, subject to availability.