Kokomo Toys eBay Store – G.I. Joe: A Real America Hero 3 3/4″ Figures

Kokomo Toys have updated their eBay store with new listings of vintage G.I. Joe: A Real America Hero 3 3/4″ figures.

These new listings include the Transportable Tactical Battle Playform, and some fan favorite G.I. Joe characters including Monkey Wrench, Quick Kick, Scrap Iron, Big Boa, Tunnel Rat, Cobra Commander (in armor), Lady Jay, Zartan and Chameleon, Flint, Lifeline, Lowlight, Torpedo, Recondo, Psyche-Out, General Hawk, Ripper, Sci-Fi, Tele-Viper, Torch, Duke, Alpine, Crystal Ball, Blowtorch, Airtight, Leatherneck, plus new figure lots.

All of these figures are from the glory days of the brand from the 1980’s, and fans know this style well as the O-ring figures. Each figure has a starting bid of $10, and these auctions end next Tuesday afternoon.