NECA Toys God Of War Kratos 7″ Scale Figure Review


NECA Toys is offering a new Kratos figure based on his appearance in God of War 4, which is due out by Sony in 2018. Kratos is offered as a 7″ figure, and a 1/4″ scale figure by NECA Toys, and both are listed for sale on their Amazon and eBay storefronts.

From Sony’s upcoming God of War video game! After a decade of bestselling God of War games, it is a new beginning for Kratos. His vengeance against the gods of Olympus far behind him, Kratos now lives as a man in the lands of Norse Gods and monsters. It is in this harsh, unforgiving world that he must fight to survive – and teach his son to do the same.

This 7” scale action figure features 36 points of articulation and an incredibly detailed sculpt. Kratos comes with Leviathan Axe, dagger and shield accessories. Window box packaging.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their God Of War Kratos 7″ Scale Figure for review.

Availability: January 2018



Kratos stands at roughly 7 3/4″ tall and is based on his likeness as seen in the upcoming game God of War 4 by Sony. The figure comes loaded with sculpted details, especially the clothing that features numerous textures. The chest harness includes a straps and a belt buckle across the chest, a shoulder guard on the right side, and a furry clothing on his back that shares the same textures that is seen on the sides of the chest strap, and edges of the shoulder guard. The forearms are covered bandages on the right side, and a gauntlet on the left. The gauntlet includes rectangular shaped pieces, and one of which can be removed to be used to hold the shield.

The upper part of the pants are covered in a skirt that a light brown belt with a belt buckle, and a black belt below it that is used to hold the accessories sculpted on his back. This includes a sheath for his knife, several bags and a horn. All of these accessories are individually textured and sculpted to look just like they do in the game, which also has a realistic style to it. The pants look like leather, and the knees have knee pads that are painted in brown, and the lower parts of the legs have long boots that include brown straps wrapped around it. The textures on the legs are different to each other, including the upper part, knee pads and boots.



The head sculpt captures a great likeness to how he is depicted in the upcoming game, and includes the white wash over the skin that carries over to his chest and arms, and red deco on his head, chest and left shoulder. The head sculpt features excellent facial details, including the eyes, nose, mouth, eye brows, ears, and a heard that has a texture to it. On his chest, it looks like a scar that was stitched closed from a previous wound in a battle, and since there is no ab crunch articulation here, the scar is probably more visible.



Kratos’ Leviathan Axe can be stored on his back, as well as held in his right hand. The axe features designs sculpted on the blade, and is painted in silver, with blue and green deco details. The axe is attached to a wooden stick that has sculpted details, as well as brown straps for him to hold.


The dagger can be held in his left hand, or can be stored in the sheath that is attached to the strap across his waist. The handle of the dagger is wrapped in bandages, which are also painted in several different colors. The blade itself is dark beige, and there is a black wash over it.



The shield is the most detailed piece other than the figure itself, and is loaded with sculpted details on both sides, making it standout among the other accessories. The shield is attached to the left forearm by removing one of those rectangular shapes that we mentioned above, and placed the piece of the shield that is sticking up into the empty slot once the piece is removed.

Kratos is also fully articulated, which includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, double hinged elbows, ball jointed wrists, ball jointed waist, ball jointed hips, double hinged knees, swivel-hinged ankles, and toe hinges.

Overall, Kratos is an excellent figure that fans will love, and depicts a great likeness to his appearance from the game. NECA Toys collectors will definitely want to add this one to their collection.


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