Imaginext Teen Titans Go! Robin & Batmobile Review


Fisher-Price is offering new Imaginext Teen Titans Go! sets for 2018, which includes this Robin and Batmobile set. Other offerings include Beast Boy and Terra 2-pack, Raven with Trigon 2-pack, Starfiire with Speedy, Robin with accessory, Red X with accessory, along with new mini-figures of Cyborg and T-Car, and a mini-figure 6 pack including all members of the Teen Titans. By mini-figures, these appear to be a smaller scale compared to the 2.75″ figures previously released in this line. We don’t have a complete list of every set coming out at the moment, but we’re hopeful that Imaginext has a strong presence this year at New York ToyFair, as Mattel usually only showcases three large sets with no news as to what other products are being offered. We will keep you updated on this as best we can, but for now, check out the listings we found on and take a look.

Availability: February 2018

The Imaginext Robin and Batmobile set is based on its appearance in Teen Titans Go!, the current Teen Titans animated series. The Batmobile has been seen in the episodes “Driver’s Ed,” “Sidekick,” “Waffles”, “TV Knight,” “TV Knight 2” and “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems.” The Batmobile is shown on the series as having a front and back seat as shown in the episode “Sidekick,” which is shown as larger and longer than this version that Imaginext is offering.

The Batmobile measures roughly 8″ long and 3 1/2″ wide in the back, and is painted in dark blue, with light blue deco on the sides, hubcaps, and batwings on the top of the body. There is a batman logo below the batwings on the backside of the vehicle on either side of the cockpit. The hubcaps are also shown as a bat symbol. The tires are painted in black, and the front bumper is painted in a light grey, This vehicle can seat one figure, primarily Robin that is included. The cockpit includes a purple seat, and a translucent yellow windshield. This set does not offer stickers to apply on the dashboard, or even a steering wheel.



The vehicle has several features, including a front missile launcher that is activated by pressing the red power button on the top of the hood. The missiles are the same light blue as shown on the body, and the set comes with an extra one. The other feature is a missile launching tire, which is the front left one. This feature is activated by pressing the front bumper inward, and the tire shoots out sideways. The red power button on the bottom of the Batmobile is pressed downward when the front bumper is pressed in, which activates the firing gimmick of the tire. This feature does not work simply be pressing the red power button on the bottom, which is unusual as most of the Imaginext sets work by pressing the red button.


Robin shares the same body as the previous figures in the Teen Titans Go! line by Imaginext, and is given a new head sculpt. The body is repainted to look like the batsuit, which is light grey, black, a yellow utility belt, and the R for Robin logo on the upper left side on his chest. The same yellow pattern is also on the upper part of the chest just below the neck, which is also shown in the other two figures. The head sculpt includes the ears that stick up, which is actually his hair just styled this way. The facial details are also differing than what has come before, and the eyes are more squinted with a black mask around it. The cape is made of fabric, which is yellow in the inside, and black on the back.

Overall, this is a nice set and fits in nicely with the rest of the line. The Batmobile is on the small side, but does have a great sculpt with a good likeness to it. Fans of the Teen Titans and DC Comics will definitely enjoy this set.