Mega Construx Heroes Series 2 – Masters Of The Universe, Star Trek TOS & Futurama Figures Review


Following the success of the Mega Construx Heroes series 1, they are offering a second wave of Masters of the Universe and Star Trek: The Original Series, along with new Futurama figures. These figures were previously unannounced until images started to pop up online showcasing this new wave. Back in July during San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Mattel had hidden He-Man and Skeletor in one of their displays as the official reveal of these figures. This new wave continues the trend, and we were especially thrilled to see new Masters of the Universe characters being offered, considering with what happened to Mattycollector in 2016, Mattel continues to offer new He-Man products despite there not being an animated series or movie at this time to back up the brand.

The second series includes Beast Man and Teela from Masters of the Universe, Kirk and Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series, and Bender and Fry from Futurama. The possibilities of a third wave are very likely as the second wave has already been proven difficult to find, and seems to be selling exceptionally well. We are hopeful to have more information at New York ToyFair regarding this line and more this weekend, and make sure to come back and check out the coverage.

Thank you to Mattel and Mega Construx for providing their Masters Of The Universe, Star Trek TOS and Futurama Heroes Series 2 figures for review. 

Availability: January 2018


Mattel continues to keep Masters of the Universe at retail in some form or another, and these new figures by Mega Construx continue right where series 1 left off. The second series includes Teela, the daughter of Man-At-Arms and The Sorceress, and Beast Man, one of Skeletor’s most loyal henchmen. Now that Beast Man is sculpted, we’re hopeful that Mega Construx makes use of this sculpt by offering Zodac and Stratos as they too use parts with Beast Man going back to the vintage line. Other characters with reused parts of He-Man and Skeletor would also be ideal at this point, such as Man-At-Arms, Mer-Man, and Tri-Klops. Would it also be too much to ask Mega Construx for a Battle Cat and Panther figures, which is something we’re very hopeful to see if this line can continue to sustain itself.

Beast Man features removable armor, and is sculpted with a texture to indicate fur, which is painted in orange. The armor is painted in a dark red, with some texture sculpt on it, wit ha blue center design and blue shirts. The belt around his his waist is painted in gold. Considering that this is a tiny figure, the head sculpt for Beast Man is extremely detailed and captures his likeness perfectly. Every bit of detail is there, including nicely crisp blue lines on the face, and a red tongue. Included with Beast Man is his iconic whip, and a figure stand.

Teela is the first female character offered in this line, and since she’s released, we’re hopeful to see Evil Lyn get the Mega Construx treatment. Teela is sculpted in her iconic white and gold armor, and considering this is a tiny figure, there is a lot of great detail sculpted on the armor. The brown shoulder armor is removable, and she has brown gauntlets, brown boots with furry white details on top. The head sculpt has a great likeness to her, with a gold headband and nicely done facial details. Included with Teela is a staff and shield. The staff comes as separate pieces in the package and requires assembly. Also included is a figure stand.


The first series saw Captain Picard and a Borg drone from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and now fans of The Original Series are getting nice updates to Kirk and Spock. Mega Construx previously offered an Enterprise ship, bridge, transporter and a Klingon Battle Cruiser with TOS figures, and this is the first time that fans can own single packaged figures based on this show.

Captain Kirk is painted in his gold and black Star Fleet uniform, with a Star Fleet badge on the upper left side of his shirt. There is also a tear in his shirt, with a red line indicating blood. The facial details are nicely done and he has blonde hair on top with a sculpted texture. Included with Kirk is a Vulcan lirpa, Communicator and a figure stand.

Commander Spock is also in his Star Fleet Uniform, which is blue and black, with a purple belt, and a Star Fleet badge on the upper left side of his shirt. There is a gold around his wrists on the shirt, which stand out more as opposed to Kirk’s. His right hand is sculpted in his iconic “Live Long and Prosper” pose. The facial details on Spock are nicely done, which includes the pointy ears. Included with Spock is a Vulcan lirpa, Tricorder, and a figure stand.


These Futurama figures are a first for Mega Construx, and are sculpted in their animated style, which is different compared to most other figures that they make. This series includes Fry and Bender, as opposed to series 1 offerings of a Marine and an Xenomorph from Aliens.

Bender is sculpted as he appears on the show, as a futuristic robot. Bender is painted in a light grey, with white eyes and teeth, and a non-opening door on his chest. The articulation is also more limited compared to other figures, which does not include hinged elbows and knees, as well as articulated wrists and ankles. Instead, he has a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, and swivel hips. Included with Bender is a bag of money and Mom’s Old-Fashioned Robot Oil.

Fry is also sculpted as he appears on the show, which is in animation style. The likeness is very nicely done and he has nice facial details such as big eye balls popping out of his head, a long nose and a long lip. His hair is sculpted in several curls, Fry is painted in a red shirt, blue pants, and a white undershirt, and orange hair. His articulation includes a ball jointed neck, swivel hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged hips, swivel wrists, and swivel ankles. Included with Fry is a can of Slurm, Nixon bucks and a figure stand.

Overall, these are excellent figures and we especially love the fact that Masters of the Universe is continuing in this second wave. Fans of Masters of the Universe, Star Trek, and Futurama won’t want to miss out on these figures. Finding these however may prove to be difficult, as stores aren’t keep up with demand.


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