NYTF 2018 – Hasbro Marvel Panel & Showroom Coverage


We are live at the Hasbro presentation, and have full coverage of the panel below.

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Transformers, My Little Pony, and more new Marvel and Star Wars Mighty Muggs.

Ant Man and Wasp movie toys – Titan Heroes – roll play and larger figures.

Iron Man Power Up HQ, Power Paw Black Panther, CA Victory Launcher

Marvel Legends:

12″ Black Panther

12″ Tiger Striped Wolverine – Out Now

Ultimate Riders – Black Widow and Ghostrider

Spider-Man Wave 2- House of M Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus (90’s) with 4 tentacles (Classic Sinister Six now finished), Cloak and Dagger (removable cape, Dagger can fit inside), All New All Different DD, Elektra, Build-A-Figure, FSPR

Avengers wave 2 – Black Knight, Ant-Man, Wasp

X-Men – Apocalypse Build-A-Figure, black and red Magneto (extra hands), Sabertooth (new head)

Venom – Venom, Carnage – both will come with extra heads, Scream, Poison, Spider-Ham (alt. pork grind head)

Deadpool – Omega Red, Deadpool (X-Men outfit), Lady Deadpool, Bishop (90’s), Deadpool (no pants, pink slippers), Build-A-Figure is… Sauron

Marvel vs. Capcom

mainline – 3 new packs

Black Panther Roll Play – helmet

Infinity Guantlet

Marvel Legends exclusives:

Wal-Mart – Thanos 6″ figure

Target – Black Panther 2 pack

Toysrus – Ant-Man and Wasp 2 pack

Days of Futures Past – Wolverine and a Sentinel 4″ scale

Walgreens – The Thing, Silver Surfer

Marvel Studios The First 10 Years:

Packaging combines into a mural

Wal-Mart – Iron Man 1 – Tony Stark and Mark I

Iron Man Mark VII – Mainline

Toysrus – Hot Rod Armor, Pipper, Mandarin

Gamestop, Ent. Earth and BBTS – Ronin

Target – Hulkbuster vs. Hulk

Cap vs. Crossbones