Hasbro Mighty Muggs – Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Rey & Poe Dameron Figures Review


Mighty Muggs are back, and Hasbro is offering at least 50 new Mighty Muggs from Marvel and Star Wars this year, which will include characters from the films and/or comics. In addition to Marvel and Star Wars, Hasbro announced this past weekend at New York ToyFair that they will be offering Transformers and My Little Pony Mighty Muggs in 2018. The Transformers Mighty Muggs include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron and Starscream. These will be available in Spring 2018.

Already, fans have seen both Marvel and Star Wars Mighty Muggs expand with many new reveals since it was originally announced during New York Comic-Con last year. Hasbro is re-imagining the old style and offering fans something new, and these Mighty Muggs features alternate facial expressions that change when the head is pressed down. At ToyFair, Hasbro announced a new wave of Marvel Mighty Muggs, which includes Ant-Man, Wasp, Thanos, Captain America, Iron Man, Star-Lord and Thor.

Mighty Muggs is already a growing brand and Hasbro seems to have confidence in it given the fact that they announced two additional properties as mentioned above. This is definitely a good sign for fans of this line, and the line certainly has potential to continue to grow and expand with more characters and more franchises such as G.I. Joe and Power Rangers.

Thank you to Hasbro for providing their Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Rey and Poe Dameron Mighty Muggs figures for review. 

Availability: February 2018

The first and second waves of Marvel and Star Wars Mighty Muggs are available now, and can be ordered at the links below. From series 2, we are showcasing Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Rey (Jakku) and Poe Dameron.

With the Black Panther movie in theaters now, products of the character are becoming increasing popular as this is a historic film. This Black Panther Mighty Mugg has a movie likeness, and is painted in his black costume, with silver and grey deco. The light grey deco details the vibranium suit, and the silver deco highlights the mask, wrists, and necklace. The sculpt includes patterns carved into the mask and adds definition to the figure. The facial expressions include large eyes, right eye squinting, and both eyes squinting.

Doctor Strange has his classic costume design, which is a personal favorite of ours. The costume is painted in dark blue, with black shoes, a gold belt, light blue symbol on his chest with a gold medallion over it, and a red cape with gold buttons keeping it into place over his shoulders. The hair is painted in black, long and layered. The facial expressions include a normal look, angry, and smirking. The facial details include blue eyes, and black lines detailing the eye laches, nose, mouth, and various other details in the face.

Rey is based on her Jakku appearance and is painted in her light grey outfit with brown shoes. and is holding Luke Skywalker’s blue lightsaber. The lightsaber is not removable, and the wrist is turned to the side and brings the lightsaber almost touching her body. The wrist cannot swivel, but the shoulders can on all of the Mighty Muggs. Her hair is brown, and is tied in three knots i the back. Her facial expressions include angry, smiling, and and glaring.

Poe Dameron is painted in his rebel pilot suit, which is painted in orange, with a white vest, black belt, straps, and a black and grey device on his chest. His head is helmeted, and is painted mostly in black, with red stripes and symbols, grey and white deco. His facial expressions include angry, smiling, and smirking, Painted around his eyes in the angry and smirking expressions are yellow goggles as seen in the film, and his eyes are painted in brown and black. The smiling expression does not have the goggles.

Overall, the new Mighty Muggs are nice looking collectibles with great paint applications and fun facial expressions. Fans of all ages will like these, including those that collected to the original line.


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