Super 7 Masters Of The Universe Classics Filmation Hordak Figure Review


The next wave of Masters of the Universe Classics figures are currently shipping from Super 7, which includes the Collector’s Choice and Club Grayskull (Filmation style) figures. For Club Grayskull, these figures include Fang-Or, Quakke, Hawke and Lodar. Club Grayskull now has Man-At-Arms, Teela, Hordak and Tri-Klops that are all available now.

Hordak is based on his appearance as seen in the classic She-Ra: Princess of Power animated series and is the first character from the show to join the Filmation line. Hordak was the primary villain in the series, and led the Horde Empire only to defeated by She-Ra and the Great Rebellion at every evil scheme. Hordak conquered Etheria, the name of the planet, with an army of Horde Troopers and Horde Commanders. Hordak was originally offered as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive in 2014, which included the Imp chest as an added bonus to attendees of the show only. This new Hordak figure comes with a brand new Imp chest and Imp figure, along with an alternate Cannon-Arm.

Super 7 has done a remarkable job since taking over the line in 2017 following Mattel’s abrupt cancellation of Mattycollector that was announced during San Diego Comic-Con in 2016. With the cancellation, Super 7 didn’t have much time to put something together, and it was the Four Horsemen that came up with the idea for the Ultimate edition figures of He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Ram Man and Faker. Following this, the Masters of the Universe Classics offerings have been spread out as opposed to a monthly offering that Mattel had been doing since 2009. Besides last years PowerCon exclusives, these are the latest offerings of Masters of the Universe Classicsfigures had offered directly to the consumer since the Ultimate Editions. We can tell you that so far we’ve received nothing but positive feedback from readers on these figures, and they great additions to the line. We are just so thankful to Super 7 for taking on this project and for continuing this line on behalf of Mattel, and we hope to see it thrive for years to come.

Availability: February 2018


Hordak is based on his appearance as seen in She-Ra: Princess of Power animated series that aired from 1985 through 1987. This is the second Filmation style Hordak figure that was released in the line, which was an exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con and repainted in blue. That figure used the same sculpt as previous Hordak figures, and the biggest difference was the new color scheme, along with Imp and the attendee only Imp Chest.


Hordak features a great likeness to the animated series, and once again the Four Horsemen have done a terrific job capturing this very specific character design and incorporating it into Classics style. The head sculpt shows the terrifying and evil expression on Hordak’s face, and like Skeletor, this wasn’t scary for children. The head sculpt includes the bone structures and it’s painted mostly in white, with red eyes and black around them. The mouth is painted in black, with red teeth, and there is a blue centerpiece on his forehead as seen in the cartoon.

Behind the head is a hood that is made of soft plastic, and covers the back of it, which is connected to the armor on his back and chest piece. Around the sides of the hood are grey bones, which are also shown around the shoulders. The chest piece has a Horde symbol on the front, which is a red bat with large wings. The sides of the chest and back are grey, and has grey connectors sculpted on the sides of his chest. The belt is also painted in grey, and the lion cloth is cast in black and is made of soft plastic.



Hordak’s Filmation likeness is easily identified by the blue skin tone, which is painted in a darker blue compared to the San Diego Comic-Con version from 2014. The arms include bands around the biceps and wrists, and the right arm is removable and can be replaced with the arm cannon as seen in the series. Hordak was seen transforming himself in several different weapons on the show, which included this arm cannon, but can also transform into a tank, missile, and various other weapons. This arm cannon is painted in blue, with the cannon part being dark grey. The arm cannon is only articulated at the shoulder, which includes a ball hinge joint.



Hordak includes a repainted version of Imp, which is given a new facial sculpt and reuses parts of the previous figure, and a repaint Imp Chest that does not open. Imp looses the articulation in his shoulders in this release, but keeps the swivel head joint. Imp is painted in a different shade of blue, with the black overalls and red Horde logo on his chest. The chest includes the red and gold deco on the hardware parts of the chest, with the Imp face on the front.

Overall, Hordak is an excellent figure with a great likeness to the cartoon and definitely worth picking up. The bonus accessories of Imp and the Imp Chest are great additions as well, and fans that missed out on the San Diego exclusive, can finally own this accessory.