NECA Toys Ash Vs Evil Dead​ 7″ Series 2 Figures Review


The second wave of NECA Toys Ash Vs Evil Dead​ 7″ scale figures are available now, and this wave includes Ash Williams (Asylum), Henrietta and  Demon Spawn. These figures are based on the Starz television series, which takes place 30 years after the events of the Evil Dead film in the 1980’s. The series is currently in its third season on Starz, which stars Bruce Campbell recurring his iconic role of Ash Williams, as he faces new enemies and new threats.

Each figure includes accessories including weapons and additional head sculpts. Henrietta Knowby is a character that was first introduced in Evil Dead II, who brought the Necronomicon to the cabin, and was the wife of Prof. Raymond Knowby, the mother of Annie, and allegedly the mother of Ruby, who is the primary villain in this new television series. Henrietta returns as a deadite in this series as Ash and his team needs to return to the Cabin.

With Toys “R” Us in the midst of closing, NECA Toys is no longer offering new product at their stores, and fans looking to obtain these in an actual brick & mortar store may have trouble locating these. This is why those of you that wish to purchase these figures should use our links below where is says “purchase,” including official NECA Toys official storefronts of eBay and Amazon.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Ash Vs Evil Dead​ 7″ Series 2 Ash Williams, Henrietta and Demon Spawn figures for review. 

Availability: March 2018

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise have been treated to the return of Bruce Campbell’s iconic character Ash Williams, as he is back fighting Evil in his hometown, with new allies, new villains and all new stories. This series has received some great feedback by the fan community, and is currently in its third season with Ruby continuing to raise havoc and raise her evil spawn.



This new series continues last years offerings by NECA Toys, and focuses on several key storylines from Season 2. Ash Williams is given a new figure and is based on the Asylum storyline of the series, where Ash is taken to the Kenward County Asylum located in Elk Grove, Michigan by demons. A demon known as Baal attempts to convince Ash that he has spent the past 30 years there following the events of the original Evil Dead film. The attempt failed, and Ash was soon ready to kick some Deadite butt, including that Ashy Slashy puppet that became an icon for the series.



Ash Williams is sculpted in his Asylum outfit, which is beautifully painted with strong paint applications on the straight jacket that is painted in beige with brown straps around his chest, light grey straps straps, and a dark wash painted in various colors over it. The jacket is also torn at the sleeves and torn pants with red deco underneath. The figure sculpt is also textured giving it a realistic amount of detail. There are also black straps around his torso, waist, and back for the rifle sheath sculpted on his back. Included with Ash is his iconic chainsaw that is painted in red and black with a wash over it, and is essentially the same sculpt as what has come before in this line. This figure does not have a swap out robotic glove, but does come with a shot gun for the left hand. Also included are two head sculpts with a decent likeness to Bruce Campbell. The heads sculpts are similar, but each has a slightly different facial expression.



Henrietta is no stranger to the franchise, and if you’ve seen Evil Dead II, you would recall that she was killed along with her husband and daughter inside the Cabin. This figure is based on her deadite form, which is just completely disgusting with rotten decaying flesh as she has been dead for a long time. The figure is loaded with horrific and realistic deco depicting her likeness as seen on the show, which includes a flesh tone with a dark wash over it, and several areas of rotten flesh with dark red blood. There is a lot of detail here to love, and horror fans are such to enjoy this particular figure. Her clothing is nearly completely town off and most of the figure is naked and badly decomposed, which is both disgusting and awesome all at the same time.



In most cases, NECA Toys only offers rooted hair on their 8″ Retro style figures, but in Henrietta’s case, this figure has rooted hair on both head sculpts that is nicely detailed and works well with the figure. Her head sculpt includes white ghoulish eyes and black inside her mouth, along with her face also decomposing. The additional head sculpt comes with an extended neck piece that can be removed, and is based as it was seen on the series. The extended neck piece rests on her shoulders, with the serpent head sculpt attached to it, and can only look up as opposed to looking forward. The head cannot look down, and remains stuck looking up in this position. The serpent head sculpt includes a hinged jaw.



However, there is a stand and a base that is included and the neck piece can plug into that so that this second head can look directly at you. The stand is slanted downward and the neckpiece and head also remains looking a bit downward as opposed to looking more straight.



The Demon Spawn figure is an army building character, and you will need several of these (at least three) to showcase all three heads on your toy shelf. We’re pretty sure that the series featured three Demon Spawn children, so it makes the most sense as to why he comes with three different head sculpts. The body is painted in grey with a black wash, and has an evil sense to him along with a thin muscular tone. The figure is also almost completely naked, with the exception of a piece of dark grey cloth covering his privates. The three head sculpts give him three different facial expressions, and all look great. The figure is also nicely articulated as fans would come to expect.

Overall, this is an excellent wave with superior deco and paint applications, as well as superior figure quality that brings out the best of NECA Toys. Fans of the show and NECA Toys collectors will surely want to purchase these figures.


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