Playmates Toys Ben 10 Series 4 – Omni-Enhanced Overflow & XLR8 Figures Review

Playmates Toys Ben 10 Series 4 – Omni-Enhanced Overflow & XLR8 Figures Review


Playmates Toys is offering a new wave of the themed Omni-Enhanced Aliens figures, which are based on the current Ben 10 animated series. This wave includes Omni-Enhanced Overflow and Omni-Enhanced XLR8.

Omni-Enhanced gives the Aliens upgraded powers and abilities by using the Omnitrix. These new powers also alters the appearance of the characters such as water cannons for Overflow, and turbo-charged energy kicks for XLR8, which gives him enhanced speed. Both figures continue where series 4 left off, which you can read the review HERE. During New York ToyFair, we did a video walkthrough of Playmates Toys Ben 10 figures for 2018 HERE. Get caught up and watch that video.

Thank you to Playmates Toys for providing their Obmi-Enhanced Overflow and XLR8 for review. 

Availability: April 2018



Omni-Enhanced XLR8 is an upgraded Omnitrix’s Omni-Enhanced version of XLR8. With this upgrade, XLR8 can move even faster than his normal self. By revving his wheels, Omni-Enhanced XLR8 can supercharge his tail, which allows his plasma-tail to multiply and grow rapidly. These new tails can shock his enemies, and his tail can also cut solid steel. In addition to this, he can also see things in slow motion.


The figure represents the likeness to how he is seen on the Ben 10 animated series, with less of an animated design with bright deco, and more focused on darker colors and fits in well with the other Omni-Enhanced figures both released and shown in the New York ToyFair video. The armor mostly covers his chest and arms, with the a green splatter deco that is also textured over it on the shoulders, upper chest, and arms. This is an all new sculpted figure and there isn’t any reuse of sculpt or tooling from the previous release, which was available last year. His head sculpt is helmeted, with light blue translucent plastic coming out of the back of his head, and also found on the visor of the helmet. The tires can spin, which gives him the ability to speed across the floor. His tail allows balance, which is needed to hold him up right as the wheels alone do not offer this. His tail and wheels are also made of the light blue translucent plastic, and on his chest there is the Ben 10 black and white logo. The overall design looks almost completely different than the previous figure, which came with a base to allow him to race across the floor. This updated version looks almost like a new character, and even the blue deco on the skin is a different tone.



Omni-Enhanced Overflow is an upgraded Omnitrix’s Omni-Enhanced version of Overflow, and features gray rock armor covering his head, torso, and legs. This also includes the green splatter deco that is also textured on the shoulders of the rock armor. This updated version also has two water cannons coming out of his back. In this form, he is able to shoot out  large amounts of water from both sides of his cannons, propel himself into the air as create ice walls, and his cannons are able to channel electricity through the water he fires.


Overflow is based on how he is depicted on the Ben 10 animated series, with a darker colors as opposed to the bright animated colors. The rock armor covers his chest and back, and new water cannons. Besides the new armor, several parts of the figure are the same as the previous release, including the arms, hips, upper legs, underwater breathing tubes, that are made of blue translucent plastic to indicate water as the character can breath on land, as well as the blue tubes on top of his head. The tank on his back is now covered with the rock armor, but the grey and blue translucent tubes are still there to indicate this. The rock armor has the green deco that is textured on top of his shoulders, and the lower legs are repainted as opposed to being a newly sculpted piece. The water cannons attach to a blue translucent plastic piece that comes unassembled in the packaging, which connects to his upper back. The water cannons are ball jointed, and are big rounded pieces with the rock armor on either sides, and the blue translucent piece at the center. The front of the water cannon has a design sculpted on it and painted in white deco. This figure does not come with the attachable water blasters as the previous version, but as the arms are the same, these water blasters can be applied to the Omni-Enhanced Overflow figure.


Overall, Playmates Toys continues to offer nicely detailed figures in their Ben 10 line-up, and Omni-Enhanced Overflow and Omni-Enhanced XLR8 are great additions to the line. These figures fit in nicely with the rest of the Omni-Enhanced offerings, and have nicely detailed figure sculpts and paint applications. Fans looking for these will be able to find these in the coming months ahead.


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