Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ Scale Ghost Rider With Flame Cycle Figure Review


Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line continues to expand with not only figures, but now they are offering motorcycles that are compatible with these 6″ figures. This new line includes Black Widow and Ghost Rider, and each figure includes character specific accessories. Marvel Legends is a line that has grown and expanded in its 15 year history and has been offered by both Toybiz (first as Spider-Man Classics and then Marvel Legends) and continued by Hasbro. Over the years, many characters have been given a chance to thrive in this line, including some we never thought we’d see. Hasbro’s Marvel brand team is doing a remarkable job with this line, and these guys are so passionate about the line and brand themselves, they are now adding rides to the mix. This isn’t a new concept to Marvel Legends, as Toybiz once offered an entire wave of figures called “Legendary Riders,” which was Series 11. This was a figure and vehicle packed in that replaced a build-a-figure. That was surely a great wave, and even included the Ghost Rider villain Vengence with a bike. While this line has seen many offerings, these are the best bikes that this line has even seen, and Hasbro’s Marvel team spared no expense to offer fans something great.

Johnny Blaze fires up his iconic motorcycle and hits the pavement as the streetwise hot-head, Ghost Rider. With Marvel Legends Series 6-inch-scale figures and vehicles, kids and collectors alike can start a legendary collection of comic- and movie-based Marvel characters. With this 6-inch-scale Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider figure and Flame Cycle vehicle, featuring classic design and premium articulation, Marvel fans can imagine recreating the arcs from some of their favorite Marvel comics. Ages 4 and up.

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Availability: March 2018


Ghost Rider gets the ride that he always needed in the Marvel Legends line, which is a bike with removable flame effects that will look just badass on the road. Long time collectors and fans of Marvel Legends know all too well that a set like this is truly long overdue for an update, considering that he hasn’t had a bike since Series 7, and Vengeance was once given a bike in the Legendary Riders line by Toybiz way back when. This bike uses all of the modern era of toy design and is sculpted to look as menacing as possible, while keeping the appearance of a realistic bike as well.



This new Hell Cycle comes fully loaded and ready to take on the bad guys. All of the flames with the exception of the back are removable, as well as the skull piece in front that snaps into place. The bike was meant to be displayed with these flames as this is the definition of just how good Marvel Legends is right now. Hasbro is already making plans to reuse this bike for Wolverine/Logan down the road as previously announced, but that will not come with flames. This Hell Cycle stands out on its own, as it was meant too given the fact that Ghost Rider is sitting on it. The flames are made of translucent plastic with a color change of yellow/orange/red to give it a realistic effect. The tires are also made of translucent yellow, so these will also be on fire even when the flames are removed.



When all is removed, the Hell Cycle looks just like an everyday bike, with the exception of the flame effect on the back as well as the tires. The bike features a headlight once the skull is removed on front, handle bars and a mirror, and engine, kick plates, exhaust pipes and pretty much everything else needed to make it look realistic. This is the foundation of the next big thing for Marvel Legends, and we hope to see Hasbro offer special items like this for years down the road. The kick plate can be pushed up so that the tires can rotate on the floor, which is a nice touch.



Over the years, Hasbro has released multiple Ghost Rider figures in this line, and this new figure is an almost complete repaint of what has come before. This particular sculpt is a more modern era figure with better articulation and style than what Hasbro started out with many years ago. This figure sculpt uses great parts for the character including a thin and lean body type with a dark blue outfit, which might be a more preferred color for the character compared to the black outfit. The head sculpt has some significant changes such as much more details on the skeletal structures and a different color of flame effects. The jaw hinge remains the same, and the neck is replaced with flames to match the head. The torso is missing the chain that was wrapped around his body on the previous black costumed figure, but this new release comes with a flaming chain whip and ready for vengeance!

Overall, Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line continues to exceed expectations, and this Hell Cycle and Ghost Rider figure set is truly a modern day masterpiece. There is no way you would want to miss out on this set, as it offers everything that fans would want from a set like this. Fans will not be disappointed.


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