Hasbro Marvel Rainbow Deadpool 5-Pack On Amazon For $59

Hasbro Marvel Rainbow Deadpool 5-Pack On Amazon For $59


Amazon has lowered the price by $5.53 on Hasbro’s Marvel Rainbow Deadpool 5-Pack, and this set is now priced at $59.46 USD, was $64.99. As of now, this is the lowest price we’ve seen it go for. This is likely to change by Black Friday and the Holiday shopping season.

This box set includes Deadpool in red, blue, green, yellow and purple, and each figure includes accessories. These figures are part of the 4″ line. You can order yours now right HERE.

  • 5 figures with rainbow-colored Deadpool design
  • 20 accessories to imagine mercenary fun
  • Includes Deadpool figure and 4 Deadpool wannabe figures
  • Collect other figures from the Legends Series (each sold separately)
  • Includes 5 figures and 20 accessories.

Deadpool is hiring, and boy, are the benefits great. Tight, colorful spandex suits, a bunch of weapons, and hit-list to die for – literally! Just one rule: hands off the red suit – that’s reserved for one Wade Winston Wilson. Collect figures like Deadpool collects heartless mercenaries with the Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Rainbow Squad 5-pack, featuring Marvel’s Solo, Marvel’s Terror, Marvel’s Slapstick, Foolkiller, and Deadpool figures. Each figure features multiple points of articulation, Deadpool-inspired design, and multiple mercenary-inspired accessories. Only the best and brightest for Deadpool!

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