NECA Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie – 1/4″ Baby Turtles Set Review


NECA Toys is now offering their highly anticipated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie – 1/4″ Baby Turtles Set. These figures join the larger versions including Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo, and the previously announced Shredder figure that is yet to come.

After wading in a puddle of radioactive waste, these radical reptiles are transformed into New York City’s greatest crime-fighting quartet! The Baby Turtles are still tiny but ready to train with their master Splinter. These detailed, posable figures stand 4” tall, making them perfectly in scale with NECA’s 1/4 scale TMNT action figure line, and they come with plenty of accessories.

The set includes 4 Baby Turtles, pizza box, 4 slices of pizza, and bag of corn chips, plus a cool bonus—nunchuks and alternate nunchuk-spinning hand for the 1/4 Scale Michelangelo Action Figure(figure sold separately). Window box packaging.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie – 1/4″ Baby Turtles Set for review.

Availability: May 2018


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1/4″ scale line by NECA Toys continues to offer exact replicas of the classic 1990 film. Already, NECA has offered Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo in this scale, with the announcement of Shredder that will also be joining this line at some point. This offering is for the Baby Turtles, as well as some accessories that die hard fans need to own.

Each of the Baby Turtles are nearly identical to each other, and the only differences in the deco that we can find are some of the black spots on the front of the turtle shells, and dark green on their arms and legs that are unique, as well as there are two different styles of sculpted shells on their backs, and two each share the same shells. The sculpt of each of the Turtles are packed with textures on the skin, chest and shell. The texture on the skin has a rough feeling, compared to the smooth chest, and sculpted detail on the back of the shell. The skin has the most detail as far as texture, which not only looks but feels realistic to the film. The deco on the skin has several washes giving the green deco several different shades that include light and dark, along with the dark green spots with yellow deco around them in various places. The front of the turtle shells also have these spots, which as painted in a light wash of black deco that are uniquely painted on all four sculpts. The front of the shells are painted in a dark shade of yellow, with brown deco that is washed on the sides as well as in the lines of the chest. The back of the shells are painted in a dark brown, with a black wash over them in various places and unique to each style of shells. The fingernails also share the same shade of yellow as the front of the shells. Their head sculpts features a great likeness to the character, and includes nicely details eyes, a hinged jaw on each of their heads, with a tongue and interior details and deco of their mouths. The eyes are done so well and actually look like real eye balls, and you can tell that so much work went into these by some of the best artists and sculptors in the business.

Each figure shares the same articulation, which includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, and hinged jaws. While their larger version have more articulation, these don’t necessarily need more than what they have, as they are meant to stand and hold slices of pizza, as opposed to their iconic weapons of choice.



The largest accessories offered in this set is a pizza box, and this also looks realistic from design, to the artwork, and lettering on the front, sides, and back of the box. The images above gives you an idea of the amount of detail that went into the box alone, and in this case a picture says a thousand words. There are also four slices of pizza included, that can fit inside the box, as well as each of the hands of the turtles. Also included and show below is a bag of corn chips, and a sticker sheet of bandages.


The 1/4″ scale Michelangelo figure gets two new accessories in this set, which includes a new hand sculpt, and a nunchuck that looks as though he has the string balanced by holding the center of the string. The tip of his finger has a hole in it, and there is a peg joint on the plastic string that slides inside the finger. So it’s not a magic trick, but it does look like one.


Overall, NECA Toys have outdone themselves yet again, and the 1/4″ scale Baby Turtles set along with their accessories are excellent and realistic to the 1990 film. We especially love the figure sculpts, deco, attention to detail on the pizza box, and of course the overall realistic likeness that NECA has worked so hard to achieve. Fans of this line, as well as all Turtles fans out there needs to own this set. It’s worth every penny and more.


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