Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Vizam & Nikto Gunner’s Cannon Compatible With Sail Barge


Hasbro have updated fans on the latest status of the Sail Barge, and have announced that the cannons that came with The Vintage Collection Vizam and 2009’s Legacy Collection Nikto Gunner’s cannons will be compatible with the upcoming Sail Barge playset. Following this announcement, both accessories are now highly sought after as Hasbro has not announced re-issues or any plans to bring these cannons back to the market. On the Barge rails, there are additional areas that were added that are compatible with these cannons.

As of now, both figures are selling out even on the secondary market, and we provided links to purchase these figures from our Figure Shopping Guide to help you out. With San Diego Comic-Con fast approaching, we’re hoping that Hasbro will have the Sail Barge on display along with additional updates.





Nikto Gunner