Mattel WWE Retro Ring Playset Review


In 1990, fans were introduced to a new style of WWF (now titled WWE) wrestling action figures that were available in the early 1990’s. Some of these older figures have become sought after collectors items from Wrestling fans that have a nostalgic attraction to this style of action figures from this time period.

Mattel re-introduced this retro style in 2016 and fans that had these figures growing up, as well as fans of today have been swarming the pegs looking for the latest offerings. While the early 1990’s line only had the wrestlers of that time period, this new line has a mix of both golden era and modern characters that are jointed together into this new age. While only four golden era characters have been made, which includes The Ultimate Warrior, The Undertaker, Ric Flair and Macho Man Randy Savage, the line is more geared on modern characters as evidence in our photoshoot and the line-up. The Wrestling Ring was part of the early 90’s line and is one of the most recognizable toys of that time period as well as today to toy collectors. This new version has the same look and feel of the old wrestling ring, which includes a sticker that needs to be applied, removable stairs and the same textures that we remember. The ring is missing one piece, which is a championship belt that is pictured on the box, and it would appear that the belt is coming with a future offering such as a figure down the road.

A breakdown of the latest waves are below –

WWE Retro App Figures 2018 Wave 2 – Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Ric Flair

WWE Retro App Figures 2018 Wave 3 – Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods, Macho Man Randy Savage

Thank you to Mattel for providing the WWE Retro Ring Playset as well as waves 2 and 3 for review. 

Availability: June 2018

In the 1990’s, toys were far less sophisticated than they are in today, and back in the day the industry was at a turning point with introducing figures with slightly more articulation and even some with action gimmicks such as the WWF figures. This ring is a recreation of the vintage ring that Hasbro had offered.


The ring measures 13″ wide on both sides, not counting the sides with the stairs, mini televisions and circular pieces that a championship title belt is supposed to be stored on. Those measurements are roughly 18″ on the sides of the stairs, and 16 1/2″ on the sides of the televisions and belt storage. The ring is made of a hard blue plastic just like the vintage ring of the 1990’s, and has pro tension ropes as well as a removable ringside tables and stairs.

This ring has some differences compared to the early 1990’s edition, such as larger, longer and three stairs as opposed to two that were shorter, two belt holders as opposed to one, and two small television monitors as opposed to one that was slightly larger. The ring has a different giant WWF logo compared to the early 1990’s release, and also loses some additional stickers that were included with the vintage offering. This includes the Hulk Hogan sticker that went on the television monitor, a WrestleMania logo and sticker that went next to it, an America flag sticker, and a smaller WWF sticker that had fit on the belt holder. While the main part of the ring looks pretty much the same, the major changes to it are the extra attachments as well as the stickers. What is also not included in this new edition is the America flag that once rested on the top of the posts that holds the ropes.



For a recreation, we are overjoyed with the end result and love the fact that there are nice changes to the ring that easily identify’s both releases. The tension ropes are nicely done and are pretty much the same concept from what we can remember. The assembly is straight forward and easy to do. What we also like about this is the ease to remove the stairs and tables that could be used as weapons in the ring or outside as featured on the box.


If you’re paying extra close attention, Mattel also previewed some additional Retro figures that are coming on the bottom of the back of the box, which includes Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sting, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Sheamus, and Kurt Angle.


Overall, this is a fantastic recreation of one of the 1990’s best play sets ever made for Wrestling figures. Fans of the golden era of wrestling as well as of today will love this set as well as the retro figures that are being offered. We highly recommend picking this up and start enjoying your childhood once more. We never would have thought that this would ever again be offered, and this is definitely a nice surprise and a great offering that Mattel is giving fans. Even if you still own the vintage ring (ours is deep in storage along with many of the retro figures), you will enjoy having this release as well.

Purchase: – $20.99

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