Hasbro G.I. JoeCon 2018 – Chicken Fried Toys Video Interview With Paul Mundheim



Continuing on the trend from last year, we caught up with with Chicken Fried Toys very own Paul Mundeim, and he runs down their line of  1:18th Western Figures that are currently in production. These figures are based on the 1800’s old west, and include some iconic characters such as a Sheriff, Marshall, and even miners looking for gold during the age of the gold rush. This includes a look at some of the new Animal Warriors of the Kingdom that are currently listed on Kickstarter, Eagle Force Returns, as well as some additional figures that were displayed in the booth.

Following the success of the Kickstarter campaign and Backerkit, Chicken Fried Toys are also accepting pre-orders of each of the figures between $28-$40 USD, and also accessories, heads, blank bodies, tee-shirt and many more goodies designed by John himself, the instructor at the customizing class at JoeCon each year.