Mattel – WWE Elite Collection The Shark Figure Review


Shark Attack!

Mattel is offering The Shark beginning Thursday, July 19th at Target in limited quantities, which is also the first day of San Diego Comic-Con 2018. This figure was previously going to be a Toys “R” Us exclusive, and like many toys, he too found a new home.

John Tenta, also known as Earthquake, Avalanche, The Shark and Golga to Wrestling fans and was part of the Golden Age of Wrestling for both the WWF and WCW, and had a long standing career from 1987 to 2004. The Shark was a name that he used during the mid 1990’s in the WCW and was part of the Dungeon of Doom, a team of four men that also was comprised of  Kamala, The Zodiac and Meng with The Taskmaster and faced off against the Hulkamaniacs, which included Hulk Hogan,  Randy Savage, Lex Luger and Sting in a matchup called the WarGames, and he continued to carry on that name until 1996.

Thank you to Mattel for providing their The Shark Figure for review.

Availability: July 19th at only. Not sold in stores.


The Shark stands at 7 1/2″ tall and features the likeness of the WWF’s and WCW’s John Tenta. This character was introduced in the WCW in the mid 1990’s following his departure from the WWF. The head sculpt features a great likeness, with a bald head, and hair around his back with a ponytail, a mustache and beard. The mouth is sculpted open as if he’s yelling, and the insides of the mouth are painted in pink, and he has white teeth. The head band goes fits nicely on his head, and has the word Attack in red and white deco. There are also white and red deco on his cheeks and chin.

His shirt has the face and teeth of a shark, with the word Shark written in red. The shark is painted in grey, with white teeth and black interior details of the mouth, and the upper part of the front, and the entire back of the shirt is painted in blue. His pants are cast in black, and there are images of a shark on both sides of the thighs, and are painted in grey and white deco. The paint applications of the shark’s mouth, and on the legs are nicely done with crisp lines and there is no bleeding. The boots are painted in a darker blue, with white shoe laces and a white bottom. His right forearm includes a black bandage, with the words Shark Attack written in red, and his left shoulder includes tattoos of sharks and tall grass at the bottom of the ocean. This tattoo was released by his wolf tattoo that he formally had there when he wrestled under this name. He also has chest hair that is painted with black lines.



The Shark is massive, and if you recall John Tenta back in the day, you’d know just how big and formidable he looked in the ring. During those days, he weighed 460 pounds and was one of the heaviest men to stand in the ring during the 1990’s.

Overall, Mattel has once again done an amazing job capturing the detail and likeness in their growing collection. The Shark is an incredible figure, and one that fans will love.